Friday, November 09, 2012

Peace and Quiet....

has once again returned to the DSC, or has it? Well to the onlooker it seems like it, but it certainly hasn't when you are right in the middle of it. Open Days are done for the time being, but behind the scene a lot of things are in the works and the place is just a buzzing with activities.
*Fall Volunteer Day: over 30 volunteers, regular and non regular, have helped with a huge project list and we accomplished a lot while having fun doing so. There were trails to clean and trees to rid of smoothering vines, pot holes to fill on the long drive way, fences to mend, burrs and other weeds to eradicate, seeds to be spread, holes to be filled, hedges to be trimmed and memorial stones to be installed, to just mention a few. Of course there was  a lot of donkey love to be spread as well, Joey, our newest donkey was first in line to get all the love he could get, and well he deserves it and whatever time he has with us, it will be filled with love and care for him.
The trail team was busy making absolutely gorgeous wreath for Christmas out of the vines they pulled down.
*In the barn and the office excitement was growing for the upcoming participation in the ROYAL WINTER FAIR in Toronto. There were donkeys to clip, trailers to be packed, displays to be packed and lots of things were needed to make this another educational success this year. The donkeys that were representing the DSC were our ever famous BOB RAY and our little TIBET. And I call Tibet little, because once all her long shaggy hair was gone, she was so little, and oh so cute.
*In the office we are buzzing with preps for the Christmas rush and I have been spending a lot of time there generation Thank you laters and Sponsorship packages, and I will be spending even more time in the next few weeks, which is just fine with me.
*On the boutique front, everything is ready for Christmas and the December Open Days. Lots of goodies to be had and lots of gifts for any donkey lover to choose from. Mailorder is going great as well and we are keeping the postoffice busy that's for sure.

So as quiet as it can be from the outside looking in, reality is, it's next to Donkey Day one of our busiest time of the year.

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