Saturday, November 17, 2012

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly...

...but in this case my angel said......."drive just a little further".
Ok, starting to think that my number will be up soon, after all that has been happening lately health wise, I am starting to take it one day at a time and I am grateful every morning for waking up and having another day doing the things I love doing. So I definitely have enjoyed all the moments of every day life lately and I don't think I need any pushes from behind to be reminded of that, but obviously someone thought differently as I saw my life flashing in front my eyes yesterday on my way  to work at the farm, I literally just closed my eyes, started to listen for the crash and hoped for the best as I drove further into a busy intersection (on a red light for me)  than the lines allowed, but I am sure if I didn't, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this.
There have been a few fatal accidents at that particular intersection, and I really don't understand why other than people not paying attention when they are driving. Everything is clearly laid out, yes there are a lot of lines and different directions to go in, but if you concentrate on your driving instead of doing other things, what you aren't suppose to do in the first place, it really isn't that hard to navigate, but somehow the careless driving of others gets someone every time.
As for me once I passed the intersection I had to pull over to get my racing heart under control and to count my blessings once again.
It's a beautiful thing to be alive. And I had rest of the day in the DSC Office. I love working with our new Executive Director and it was again so much fun with much were the other days in the office. :)

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Sandra said...

So many accidents happen only because people are not paying attention to what they are supposed to be doing in a car = driving. Yes, it is a glorious feeling to feel alive ... but why do we need such dreadful reminders? Enjoy each and every day.