Monday, October 01, 2012

Day 5/Day 6 ( Friday/ Saturday)

So the visit at the BLM was very eyeopening and the images of hundreds and hundreds of wild burros and horses have not left my mind since that visit. It reminded me of a concentration camp for beautiful wild creatures, that don't have a clue to what has happened to them and where they will go from here. The tall metal fences just embedded those images even stronger, just the pure thought of them makes me sad and brings me to tears daily. How can there be  no other solution? Not enough space for everybody?
There were so many moms and their babies and older siblings. They were all so sweet and beautiful and curious as can be about us, but it seemed like every face just screamed out to you....."help us" , it was heartbreaking.
The gentleman we talked to at the BLM turned out to be one of the higher positions in the BML and he politely answered our questions even though at times you could tell it made him uncomfortable, but he did his job well.
We talked about our own wild burro and we received his personal email so we could email him any info we had on Orly. For that we were very grateful and excited to find out the journey she had been on before she landed at the DSC.
After our visit there we went on the way to Ventura. Again we drove for hours through beautiful country side and just being in awe of the mountains and scenery. We passed hundreds of turbines on the way and the ocean couldn't be far off. By nightfall we arrived at Venture, settled into our room and went to bed shortly there after. The next morning we explored  the promenade along the ocean....

Beach Squirrel
Taking in the sights and sounds of the "Aloha" Festival
 ........ and then spend some time walking the down town area. We shopped at the local market for lunch and dinner as we were planning to spend the later afternoon with picnic on the beach. In the afternoon we took a drive along the coastline towards Malibu Beach. It was an absolute gorgeous drive.

And we had a nice picnic at this spot on the beach.....with bread, cheese, tomatoes and wine. ( psst..don't tell anybody). 
It was an absolute beautiful day, well with one small interference but we won't mention this here.


Inger said...

I don't know if you read my story titled 10,000 Acres. It's about an old burro at the rescue here, who is wondering why, in all that huge desert, there cannot be 10,000 acres set aside for the burros to live in peace. It is the best thing I ever wrote because I felt their pain also. It is such a huge tragedy. I'm glad some of the burros from the rescue here have a better life in Texas. At least I hope they have, but then there's the dry weather, I hope they have grass. Anyway, which road did you drive? It sounds like you were very close to where I live. Ventura is not that far from here either. A couple of hours.

John Gray said...

nice to be back too!