Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just another Sunday.

Today my house was unusual busy for a Sunday morning and I didn't arrive at my usual 8 am starting time for Open Day Sunday, as we were checking in for our flight tomorrow at 7:55am.  The kids were ready to leave for their chosen colleges as it was move in day. Pookie was all packed up and ready to move back to Toronto to start her second year at Seneca College. Alex was all set for his return to college but has changed locations to start a new program. And poor Pierce will have to commute for the first month or so to Toronto every day to attend his classes at Humber. The program he is attending has a very high drop out rate within the first few month, and who wants to be stuck with a year lease in case you don't make it. I hope he can stick with it and can handle it, he has waited so long and worked so hard to get to this point. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for him.
It's nice to finally see them have a direction they want to go in, it had me worried there for a while, but all seem to be good to go now with goals and careers in mind. 
I spent my Sunday as I do almost every Sunday, with being out at the DSC. There are two more month left of Open Days and it is going into the nicest season to visit the DSC.In the fall time. As soon as the days start to become noticeable shorter the donkeys will start to get their winter coats. The new volunteers will be confused again as to who is who as all the donkeys they recognize now will look completely different in a few weeks. I remember my first season change....not so much fun. There are plenty of activities planned for the volunteers and another volunteer orientation is just around the corner as well. 
Today the weather was just beautiful and it was nice to see so many visitors out to get to know the donkeys and spent a gorgeous day in the country. The best part of the day are always the comments of visitors that they learnt so much about donkeys during their visit and that everybody is so knowledgeable. 
We do hold a donkey talk  three times a day on Open Days and are always available all day long to answer questions that visitors might have. 
Friends Donkeschoen and Earl Grey never miss a Donkey Talk. 


S. J. Qualls said...

Sounds like a hair raising day to me.

Watching that clock count down on your page makes me excited for you to begin your trip!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

go safely and keep your fork