Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 2 (Tuesday)

We started Day 2 early as well, not as early as Monday but early enough for a vacation. After a nice breakfast at IHOP we went to Whole Foods to get our groceries for the Ranch, since veggan food was to be on the menu for the next few days we shopped accordingly, but of course we needed a couple of bottles of wine to deal with all that. And then the road trip began, we were all excited and just in awe of our route to travel. This was the first part of my journey that I looked forward too so very much. We drove along Highway 95, which was very desolate......
 .....and we got lost when the GPS gave us wrong directions, all of a sudden the beautiful Highway turned into an even more desolate dusty dirt road. Knowing that it was definitely the wrong way we kept trucking along until we passed a very isolated, kind of eerie  looking housing, with a rusted playground, just like you would see in movies, when people get lost in the desert lol.

 But we kept driving and eventually hit a main road, turned right instead of left and ended up in Beatty, Nevada. Well one good thing about getting lost is that you find a lot of interesting places that you would have otherwise missed. So we stopped by the,what else, the Happy Burro, it turned out that it was an award winning place for Chili and of course we had some for lunch. The locals in there were very friendly and we found out a few interesting things.

We stopped by  and visited their little town museum and then learnt of some wild burros that come down to the stream just outside the town.So of course we had to check that out too....and low and behold we found our first Wild Burros. How exciting was that....

 After watching the donkeys roam and interact for a little while we finally headed in the right direction towards Death Valley. be continued.

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S. J. Qualls said...

GPS... ROFLMAO! I don't like those lying things!

Your lunch sounds quite interesting and I love, love, love what you call desolate. I think it's fantastic.

Neat that you found wild burros! Cute.