Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's a little donkey boy suppose to do?

Odin is a mischievous 6 year old donkey boy and as of right now he is the last donkey born on the DSC farm, however due to the new arrivals he is no longer the youngest of our donkeys, but certainly one of our cutest. Even though he is 6 years old he still has little boy written all over him and he is always looking for stuff to do. When we bring him over the the Special needs side  he wreaks havoc with our oldies and sick donkeys and usually gets the whole gang going, funny to watch him antagonize the oldies to play a game of  "Catch me if you can", usually they can keep up with him but are just not used to all the excitement he bring to their side of the fence. Since Odin is a very popular donkey to be sponsored we brought him out to the visitors today and let him mingle in the barnyard. He was very well behaved for the first thirty minutes and then was getting bored and was looking for some action. His action came in the form of trying to steal wallets  out of the back pockets of visitors. He was quite fast and clever in his approach and thanks to our visitors being good sports they thought it was a great way of raising some funds. lol....Needless to say Odin's time mingling with the visitors was very limited. Nice try Odin, but really who could get mad at this face?


S. J. Qualls said...

LOL! The little dickens! A pick-pocket no less!

Inger said...

I thought it was the goats that were the pick pockets in the animal world.

Melodie said...

How cute Odin is! The visitors need to change out their wallets for carrots!