Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer fun

Ok here is something for summer fun that I haven't done in the past twelve
This is the first summer that I am working all the way through, pretty much without any real days off, funny how you start to treasure the odd national holidays here and there. It is also something I haven't done at this work place for over a year now, and it's fun to see the little faces each morning again and to be greeted by appreciative parents and caregivers for the break they will receive while they leave their little once in our care. It makes all the difference to work with people that want to be there, it just shows you how the mood of others can effect you, in a positive or negative way. I can honestly say that even though its been very busy and like I said without any real days off, there hasn't been a day in the last few months where I didn't want to go to work. It's nice to go to work with a smile, even though you know your desk is covered with work and you probably don't get everything done that needs to be done. Some things never change, but those are personality traits and personal insecurities that live inside of people, as they do in all of us in one way, shape or form. I find if you don't have an agenda, everything really goes smoothly and doesn't cost you any grief. I have responsibilities I never had before and I mastered them all so far, even though in the beginning I was a little bit afraid of them and intimidated, but I love learning and I love doing new things, and yes they are a challenge at times, but that's what makes it fun. For the most part I can set my own schedule around pre-scheduled times, I know some things I still need to work on to come into my own, but it's nice to be yourself and not be afraid that someone will take advantage of your weak points, but build on your strong points instead. I can actually say I love my job and I look forward to work every day, even though I am tired and exhausted.

Last week I had the great fortune to enjoy one of my favourite evenings of the year. Who wouldn't love watching donkeys roam in the field, sitting by the pond with great company, great food and a few drinks and laugh all evening? It was our annual Staff BBQ at the DSC and we sure had a great time that evening, thanks to the great tale telling of one loved staff member. OMG, my life would be so dull without her and I can't wait to go on our adventure in September, it will be so much fun with the three of us, as we get along famously and always have a great time, and boy it sure is great to know who has your back and is a real friend.

Part of my summer fun is spending every Wednesday and Sunday at the Farm. I continue to staff the Longear Boutique on Wednesdays and volunteer on Sundays as barnyard greeter. Despite being someone who doesn't necessarily enjoys talking to strangers, I enjoy my Sundays immensely, educating people about the necessity of a Donkey Sanctuary, relaying the wonderful stories about our donkeys to our visitors and just meeting  tons of great people. And then of course are the volunteers that make it all so extra special, I must say we do have a great group of people, always willing to help each other out and support each other in whatever we do at the DSC. The new volunteers again seem to be a great group and very interested and want to be engaged in the process of donkey care and education and we have a lot of fun together. We have also organized some great work shops for the next few months which will make us an even stronger group and give us more time together. It helps to have a great leader that has my back. When you have people like that in your corner than it is not hard to do your job even better and with more joy.

Now the not so fun part of my summer have been the injuries that I suffered within the last month during a bike ride, well not really during it, it was just the last straw to an already frail state of being. Without any really length of time off it has been almost impossible to take care of it and give it the proper treatment. Mind you I am also not one to go to the Doctor, especially when I am 99% sure that I won't like what she will suggest, but of course it worries me about our upcoming trip and how fit I will be for it, and it sure will be a test to what I am made of. I guess I am like a donkey that way. But I guess if it doesn't improve I will have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor after our trip after all, I am sure I will survive somehow. :)
Another thing I miss is hanging out with my non donkey friends and have coffee once in a while, but I am sure there will be time for it sooner or later again.

Hope everybody is enjoying their summer and is happy with whatever they do or don't do! :) Sometimes making stuff up as one goes along cuts down on the boredom of one's life. :) Ta ta for now.:)

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