Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Van Horn Texas Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event that features donkey roping.
Donkey roping is an extremely cruel 'sport' where the donkey is shocked with a cattle prod until he tries to run away, once he is running people on horseback run the donkey down, throwing a rope around it's neck, and another one around its rear legs. Once roped the donkey is then stretched between two horses. Broken bones and death are all too common during these events.

Please help the donkeys and help stop this event, email,make phone calls...this is unacceptable.  Contact the Van Horn Texas Chambers of Commerce and let them know how you feel about this. Call them at 432-282-2043 or by email

Rodeo is animal abuse. Not what I understand a real cowboy to be.


Linda Wildenstein said...

Thank you for posting this. I haven't stopped being upset since I first found out that donkeys were being used for roping years ago. It goes beyond cruelty. My grandson has autism and was abused by his paternal grandfather. When Ry first saw pictures of Morning Bray Farms Patrick, he said to me in his Aspergian wisdom that he knew how Patrick felt, hurt, alone, neglected, just waiting to be hurt again. It put words to the pain that Patrick and thousands of other donkeys were suffering for me. Ry wanted to meet Patrick to put his arms around his neck and say it's okay, you're safe now at MBF where they will love you and give you donkey cookies. Ry got to do that. We have seen what is possible in healing, but these donkeys in Texas that are going to be tortured are worthless to the humans who are making sport out of pain. Thanks for sharing this. Oma Linda

Leigh Davies said...

My name is Leigh and I'm on the board of directors for the Tutrtle Valley Donkey Refuge in British Columbia, Canada. It just sickens me that this is actually going on and that these beautiful creatures are being tortured like this. I actually had no idea or had ever heard of donkey roping until I was sent an e-mail link about it this morning. I'm not sure what the laws are in Texas but I can't imagine this is legal?? This is some of the worst animal cruelty I have heard of. This needs to stop! Hopefully with more awareness and enough people protesting, as well as wonderful people like you posting this, something can be done. I have sent an e-mail to Van Horn Chamber of Commerce, we'll see if they respond...
Thank you for posting this.
Leigh Davies
Thank you for sharing this.
Leigh @