Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have a great long weekend!

This promises to shape up as a great  long weekend filled with sunshine and fun. Seems like things are becoming more fun again and on both work fronts things have improved and/or are in the progress of improving. I have said my piece in both places and so far so good I still have jobs. lol...not sure for how long, but as for now I am happy with how things are progressing and things are turning out. Sometimes it takes a little while to whip people in shape and it is wrong for anybody to label people with different philosophies and different views as trouble makers, but it takes strong leadership to accept that and run with it. Nobody is ever right or wrong, we just have different opinions and we have to come to a middle ground to keep both sides happy. It does help if both sides also see and accept that and are willing to work with it, but as long as one side still sees themselves superior over the other side, we are still in for a battle, one I will fight til the end of me or at least until they fire me.It means that much and I hope management will not cave into the little hissy fits of one person as they have in the past.
As for today I am organizing the volunteers for our big DONOR APPRECIATION AFTERNOON, which will be held next Saturday. I had a great amount of responses to the invite and  we are a little overwhelmed with the expected numbers, but hey nothing a few volunteers can't handle. I am so grateful for them always stepping up and helping me out when I need to call on them, what a great bunch of people.  
Today I will scratch a few things of my to do list and add of course some new ones, but  it is all fun stuff so no big deal and nothing I feel the need to procrastinate on. And I feel mighty proud of  that in itself. lol.
Tomorrow will be spent with the donkeys and visitors on yet another open day. I am actually looking forward to those days now, mainly because I have recruited a few extra hands for Open Days and they are working out very nicely, the last few years it was just three of us plus staff to get things ready before 10 am, now we have at least two more before 10 am and then all together 4-5 more throughout the day, which is really great and makes the day so much easier and less stressful.
Monday I will be attending a BBQ at one of the Donkey Diva's house, it will be the first time that all five of us have been together again since New Year's Day. I mean I have seen everybody in between, some more often than others, but as a group we haven't hung out for a while. So this is long over due and I am really looking forward to it.

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