Monday, May 14, 2012

California Dreaming

Usually when I think of California I think of Los Angeles, Hollywood, movies, pretty much all the glamour and glitz and since I am not a glamour and glitz girl, California wasn't really one of the places I felt the need to ever visit. Not that there isn't more to California than that,  I know San Francisco is beautiful, the beaches, the vineyards, the National Parks would definitely be something that would be interest  to me however California was not really on my radar when looking for vacation spots. That was until I heard of this little place in the High Sierra on the foothill of Mount Whitney and I knew that was a place to needed to visit in my life time. It's far from the actions of California's coast side and far from civilization as you know it. So ever since I found this little most important place I have been working towards and dreaming of going there...seems like this dream and project to accomplish seems to become more of a reality every single day and sooner than I was prepared for to do it, but I will work with what I got and make it work. I know it is a hot topic between our group right now and everybody is excited and even the place we are going to is excited that we are coming. I can't wait to go. We have until September to prepare, learn, study and teach the less experience one in our group all the ropes. It will be so much fun. For a girl who has never even been camping it will be like survival camp out in nowhere land lol.

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