Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you sure?'s only March? Boy this weekend couldn't have been any better if it was mid June. Can you believe this? Being outside and basking in the sun, one tends to forget that it's only the middle of March. This weekend has just been glorious. I had the best time ever. Friday I took a drive down to Ancaster to visit a local crafts store and purchase a few things that added up quickly, but hey it's all for the donkeys and my little crafts for the Market Place. On the drive home I made a little detour and took a side road cross country, just because I could and because it was such a nice day. Once back home I sat outside and worked on some of the crafts, nothing fancy, just something very simple and personalized, so the kids will love them. Saturday we went down the Mountain to Hamilton Place, I thoroughly enjoyed the show that Danny Bhoy put on, he was entertaining us for almost two hours and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The tickets were a still a Christmas present waiting to be redeemed. I love those kind of Christmas presents. But what can I say, Sunday was just the best, it was going to be a beautiful day and I left for the farm by 7:30. Even though the donkeys love this weather, it's not exactly ideal for them, as they still wear their thick winter coats and the heat just causes all kinds of skin infections from sweating. But omg the donkeys were just the amazing yesterday, not they aren't always amazing but we had so much fun, they were so playful, cuddly and just wanted to get attention so badly, even Juanita, one of our shyest creatures, was playing ring around the donkeys with us and when she then finally got to us she just snuggled up, she never does that. Rosie had fun sorting out brushes and sorting them from my kit into another volunteer's kit, she was also constantly taking all my things and wandering of with them.
Cocoa, the donkey, was another one who took my whole tool kit of the fence and kicked the tools all over the place. They were all very mischievous today.
Buffy coming in for an Eskimo kiss
While most of them were up to no good....some just enjoyed a snooze in the Cocoa totally relaxed on the concrete pad.

Look at that face of contentment.
However this is the face I am more used to getting from Cocoa.

Getting the evil eye. Cocoa, the goat and I have many run ins with each other. :)

Then others just made for cute Luna and Sam, my little man.
Isn't Curly Sam just the cutest little guy?
And here are some of our Rowdy boys....

......looking pretty tame...but I still have to venture on that side since the new barn is up. It's a little intimidating...but then after brushing Juliet today....I might just be crazy enough to do
Brushing Juliet....a brave move on my part.
And of course I spend some time with my Orly, who enjoyed a thorough brushing from me.
It was an absolutely delightful day, full of sunshine, hugs and donkey love. Couldn't get any better than this.


Sharon said...

It truly was a beautiful day! We had one here too! Things will cool down to normal for us by the middle of the week, I was actually getting used to it!

Tina said...

Yes we sure got spoiled the last few days, now back to reality, one tends to forget it's only March.

Inger said...

I just love your donkeys!

Joan said...

Ah, life is good!