Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wonder how..... must have felt to sit there and watch me do the things you told me I couldn't do and wasn't allowed to do!
... it must have felt to sit there and watch me interact, laugh and smile with my supervisors and your peers! perceived it when you watch your peers be helpful to their staff instead of tearing them down every chance they get.
...and why you turn into such a manipulator and tormentor, when everybody's initial impression was actually a very positive one, wonder why you couldn't keep that up, life would have been so much easier for all of us! really justify your behaviour to yourself. Oh I guess like every other insecure person by blaming others and not looking at yourself and the part you play in the scenarios. it must have felt to not see me crumble under you right in front of your eyes.
(I can't even put into words how glad I am that I could keep it together in front of you all these times, even though my inside was dying a little bit more each time and I am glad you didn't see me falter at the end.)I will never give you that satisfaction, I did not then and not this time around either, the only difference ... this time I didn't run. Trust me I felt like it many a times. It would have not been running away more like self preservation, and yes I paid a price, but I also learnt a lot along the way and maybe that will make it all worth while. Taking opportunities to learn from and to have opportunities to make better choices and decisions in the future, really is priceless!

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Unknown said...

Super blog site!!! Love the animation and the font style. I am new to all of "this" so am randomly going through the A-Z challenge site and stopping by site that tickle my fancy.... and yours is definitely one.
Will be following you.