Thursday, February 23, 2012

That was interesting

Today after work I attended a meeting to establish some policies and procedures, and I must say I was mighty proud of myself that I had quite a few things to contribute, it sometimes helps to have not lost all common sense, even though it seems at times to be lost far too often by too many people, and to do your homework.  We debated for two hours over a few items and I must say it felt great to leave the table with common agreements and respect, even though we sometimes seem to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. All in all it was a great meeting and proven to be a real team effort, everybody had a voice and everybody was heard and taken under consideration, that's how I like a team to function, wonder why it sometimes is so hard, when we all are suppose to be in for the same common goal. I think when people have their own agenda and bring that to the table, then things don't move forward as smoothly as they  could. So I was really proud of us all today. :)

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