Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been a long time coming!

I am a firm believer that things always happen for a reason, and sometimes you know it's been a long time coming but you were avoiding it or hoping it would go away or you hoped you had more time to think about it, not really sure why one would need more time, but that's how the thought process goes, well at least in my head. So I guess today is the day it will be coming, not really sure how I feel about it. Nervous? A little! Anxious? A little bit! Relieved? Yes and no! I knew it was coming, so I went over it in my head a hundred times already and I know what I need and want to say. Once this is of my chest, I hopefully be able to concentrate more on the things I need to do and not will be so preoccupied with it anymore, because I will have done and said all I can do and say. But obviously the incident from last week, and something that I dug into deeper the other day  and had since then  looked into by others in higher positions, it won't be over quite yet, It's amazing that one person really only has had one agenda  all while working in a pretty important position. Pretty sad!

On a happier note, I am doing two fill in  vacation positions at work this week. One of them has given me the chance to finally work with somebody I have known for probably 14 years, I have worked with her co worker plenty of times and even though I have had the chances to work with her before,  it was at times when it just didn't fit in with my actual work schedule, so it never happened until  this week when  it finally  worked out and it gave us a chance to catch up and spent a fun morning at work with the kids, most of the kids I knew from working there in the Fall session before.


Trina said...

I'm glad things are becoming better for you and enjoy the next two weeks for sure!! See you soon and Happy Stitching!

Sharon said...

I'm glad things are coming to a finish of sorts.

Enjoy working in the fill in positions, working is more fun with someone you like.

Pumpkin said...

Sorry to hear things haven't been going too well :o( I hope they sort themselves out quickly.

Have fun with your new co worker!

Cathy said...

Hello Tina
You know what they say about taking the good with the bad - looks like thats what's happening for you now.
Its just another learning curve so make the most of it!
I'm glad you found the new blog
Take care

Cathy @ Still Waters