Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feeling ill!

I feel a bad case of verbal vomit coming up, hope I can keep it all down without it leaving a sour taste in my mouth. There is only one person right now I could think of to talk to about it, but sure don't want to unload this all on her, but it definitely is brewing and I am not sure how long I can keep it all down....arrgh I hate feeling like this...but I need to keep my mouth shut and relax and try to get my brain otherwise occupied. Grrrrr!

On a happier note, I sent a short,well actually a two word email out to someone special yesterday and within a second or two I got a reply back, that made my day...funny how easy it is sometimes for others to make you happy and lift your spirits and how those people know when it is the most needed and well I wonder why things like that are such a foreign concept for others. Well it sure was good to touch base with two words and three word replies.  Awww the little things that make your heart smile.

1 comment:

Danni said...

I totally *got* this post, Tina.
And I'm so glad you have a pal that you can send a 2 word msg to and get an immediate loving response back!