Sunday, November 06, 2011

All my favourite people in one spot!

Today is the last of the big things that was on my list to organize for 2011 as volunteer coordinator. Over the last two Saturdays it was Orientation and Training session for 16 new volunteers, it's another great group of people, a few of them I had the chance to meet over the summer a couple of times so it was just like having good friends join your cause. And I must say I survived both saturdays and must say I did surprisingly well, even in my speaking parts lets just hope that todays event goes over just as well. We are having our annual Volunteer Appreciation lunch at 12:30 today, it is for all volunteers that have met the requirements and have dedicated their year to the Donkeys and the Sanctuary. We decided to support one of our supporters for DONKEY DAY, and hold the lunch at their restaurant. It's a tiny little restaurant but has made a big name for itself due their fine Indian Cuisine and everywhere you go and everybody you talk to give just raving reviews. Mango Chutney is located on the outskirts of Cambridge, very close to a 401 exit and even just a short drive from the DSC. They took part as one of our food vendors on our last Donkey Day and where a big hit.
So it should be a fun few hours with great food and great people.

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