Monday, August 22, 2011

Having the time of my life with a big cloud hanging over me

Despite the huge black cloud hanging over my daily life right now, I am not letting this damper my time and enjoyment for most of the time, well at least not as it is happening and I am in the moment. At least when I am in my happy place (=DSC) I can enjoy my time as it is, with great people, amazing animals and great friends. At the same time as soon as I leave it seems like this dark cloud follows me and my brain is constantly scheming how to handle this situation, I know I will not back down to it, saying that I won't let it get to me, is well kind of redundant, because if I didn't I wouldn't be thinking about it either, but there is a time and place to deal with this and it will need a well laid out plan, I am definitely not going to be quiet about it, I wasn't then and I definitely will not be this time around, really with one foot out the door already I have really not much more to loose. However having one foot in another door makes it a little bit tricky to tread at this moment lol. But again I always believe things happen for a reason but having it happen right now the way it's happening just sucks and will just not work well, but I guess I will have to deal with's just not as simple as this in my emotional world. :)
But enough about that...for now....Friday was a busy day, with a meeting in the am, a meeting at noon and then a trip up to the DSC for a BBQ with the Donkey Holidayers. We had drinks down on the deck by the pond and then a delicious BBQ up at the lawn on top of the hill, of course the visitors were all in awe of the peace and tranquility, the sight of watching the donkeys play and roam, watching the sun go down and spending more time with the animals. Lots of chatting going on and I had a great time with the all of them, funny each time we sat with different people and the feeling was the same, lots of interesting and fun people and for sure there were new friendships formed all through the love for donkeys.  Some of the younger visitors had expressed an interest to help out in the barn on Saturday and so it was arranged for them to do so before their morning activities and their departure after lunch.
When it came time to end the evening, it was a bit of an emotional good-bye for some of us,  with hugs and promises of visits again soon, the visitors boarded their little bus and were off to the hotel. Their Saturday morning was apparently wonderful and with tears in their eyes some said good-bye at 2pm when it was time to end their Donkey Holiday. In the evening some of us went out to dinner with the sole left behind visitor as her plane wasn't leaving til 7 am Sunday morning, so we had a absolute fabulous dinner at the OLD MARINA restaurant and shared lots of laughs and donkey stories.
Yesterday was then another open day at the DSC, it was a typical fairly calm Sunday with a few good laughs at the donkeys as they were entertaining as heck again, but not after we did some backbreaking labour of digging out metal fence posts that we uncovered and of course couldn't just leave, of course we had lot of donkey onlookers and we usually remark how in other countries it's the poor donkeys doing all the hard work and here we have the donkeys watch us people do the hard work....I guess that is justice and the way it should be. We would do about almost anything for our donkey friends, because WE LOVE DONKEYS.

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Sharon said...

It sounds like a great weekend at DSC! I wonder what the donkeys were thinking about when you guys were digging? I'm sure they were quite curious!