Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wacky Wednesday!

WOW can you say crazy? It was an absolute crazy day at the DSC, we broke a record with visitor numbers for a Wednesday, over 400 people came to visit the DSC yesterday, we had big numbers in Sales in the Long Ears Boutique and great donations at the gates. Poor Mary was such a trooper, it was her first day on the job at the Welcome Centre and well she was as cheery at the end as she had greeted the first visitor early that morning. She really is amazing.  Well as good as our day was with being busy and talking to and with people, there was one thought on everybody's mind: Buddy. In the early afternoon hours Buddy took a turn for the worse and was rushed to the OVC. After talking with the office staff today, there were two options for Buddy and one was the OVC, gladly that option was chosen and for now Buddy is were he is looked after the best and constantly. Our hearts were of course sinking as Buddy was transported off and maybe it was the last time we saw Buddy off, only the next few days will tell. Buddy will return to the DSC either way one day, let's just hope for the best!
How could you not love this sweet face, he has the funniest knees, the stalkiest legs, the fuzziest ears and he is a clown around the barnyard always doing silly things. Buddy at his best. And even as he is sick he is still the big guy that wants to cuddle with you and snuggle up to you, tucking on you when you don't pay him the attention that he seeks. Everybody loves Buddy!

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Sharon said...

One can hope they can fix what's wrong. Poor, sweet Buddy.

400 people! That's more than a crowd!