Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beautiful People!

Wow time sure flies when you are having fun and keep busy with fun things. After graduation it was back to life on the farm, what a busy Wednesday it was for Open Day, it was busy making money in the boutique, busy with a the volunteer group "Second Chances", which is always great to see, busy with talking to visitors and just an overall busy beautiful day, the weather was great even though the morning started of very chilly but turned later into the perfect day. One thing I must say about our visitors to the Farm, there are some awesome people among them and I never had so much fun meeting complete strangers and feeling like you made their day and they made your day. Wednesday was no exception and it makes it easy to go the extra mile to make their visit even more special. I know one of my goals as a volunteer at the DSC has always been that I wanted people to feel as good when they left after their visit, as I had felt after each and every visit, feeling good from the love of the donkeys and the love of the people there. Some visitors you will see again, some sooner than later, some maybe only once a year but it is always nice for them to be remembered and well I can honestly say, I know a repeat visitor when I see one lol...I must also admit I have my favourite visitors too, people with who one had a connection right away and it's always special when you touched their heart just the way they have touched your heart. When I fell in love with the DSC, it wasn't just the adorable, cute and loving animals, but also the caring staff and the amazing volunteers there, I am so blessed and proud to be one of them now and I couldn't imagine life without them.
Amazing too are the bonds and friendships that have developed beyond the DSC fences with some of the people there, and the more  you get to know them, the more you know you have way more in common than just the love for donkeys. Hmmm who would have thought! Especially since we really don't talk about personal things at the DSC at all, it usually is all donkey related, but somehow there are always comments like "we need to get together and talk" flying around...funny how we just know. And then sometimes you get support,  help and caring from a total unlikely source, and it's just amazing. It is just an amazing place of animals and people....and yes we might be a little bit crazy about our donkeys but it is also watch out.


Sharon said...

Oh Tina!

I'm glad you had such a lovely day, it sounds great - especially the chilly start in the morning, it will be a couple months here before we have that again! Sure is nice to interact with people that (even though they are strangers) share the same interests!

My Blogger posts have gone the way yours have. I feel like I will get lost in the shuffle!

Tina said...

I hear you Sharon, i have no idea how to fix it, sometimes when i look at others blogger list on the side it says i havent blogged in days, even if i have, the new posts dont show up til later and yes we get lost in the shuffle!

Louise said...

Well, I found you! Even if I am a day late and a dollar short. I'm glad that you had such a lovely day. Your love for the volunteer work that you do is so uplifting.