Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling better!

After my meeting on Tuesday, I was almost in tears driving home, because I was just so totally overwhelmed with things, so many things to learn, so much to do and so much going on right in the beginning, plus a lot of catching up to do as this job has been kind of neglected and just ran beside so many other things that needed more attention, not that this part doesn't need attention, but there just wasn't time for it. So now I have inherited the whole thing and I am swamped right now. There are definitely things I need to learn to get used to to do, no way around it, and it freaks me out, but well it's just part of it and hopefully once I have a few under my belt so to speak I will be better. Hopefully! Yesterday I went up to the DSC right after dropping Pookie of to school, I got there and started the computer, but since it's a slow computer I took the time instead of waiting in front of it, to walk down to the barn and check on a few things, I am so glad that Summer is back on her feet and ready to snuggle with you,  it really looked bad for her for a few days, I hope she is on the way to recovery and up for  more  years at the DSC. When I came back up to the office, I had a surprise visitor at the gate, well nothing like starting your work day of with a hug from a person you love dearly. Can't believe we got so lucky to hang out so much lately, it sure is a treasured time. Then it was time to get to work, I spent all morning catching up on recording volunteer hours and then we logged into my mail...woo hoo....can you say overflow? Ok so here I got the hang of it pretty quick on responding emails and directing I got that under my belt now and I am feeling so much better, and I am not quite so overwhelmed anymore, but the work load right now is huge,  it will all be even itself out once everything is the way we want it and I am more familiar with the things to do and how to do it, right now I am just totally green behind the ears. While I was busy in the office, the was a school group of autistic kids for a visit and you could hear the joy they had with the animals. The barn manager was busy making hay and by the time it was evening he had brought the first cut in. Woo hoo.....we need about 2600 square bales of hay each year plus many many more round bales for the winter feedings. So that is a lot of hay to be made, cut, baled and stored....Here is to a good start.


Louise said...

Oh, there's nothing as nice as the smell of a barn filled with new mown hay. And, lots of donkeys means lots of hay.

I take it you have a new job with the DSC? I wish you all the best. New jobs can be challenging, but fun.

Tina said...

Thanks's so good to have you back. And yes i have a new job with the Dsc and i love it, well most of it anyway!