Saturday, May 07, 2011

Time flies!

Well another week passed and I have hardly blogged since the A-Z Challenge, not that I wouldn't have tons to talk about, but sometimes I just need my time to sort through a lot of things first, before I can talk or write about it. The first Open Day at the Farm was a soggy one, but we still had visitors out and got to talk to people, I started the morning early with orientation and training regarding "Welcome Centre" and " Boutique", then there was orientation for the volunteers down in the barn and we got told a few things about some of the donkeys, got some answers to some questions and most of all got time to spend with our volunteer friends and donkey friends. It was nice to be back with the old gang, unfortunately we are missing a very special part of our crew, and our thoughts are with her as she is fighting her own battles right now. I  sure miss her tremendously, I do check in with her weekly though and it hopefully helps her and all of us. So with only a few visitors, rain and cool temperature it was a long day at the farm and I was glad to get home and soak in a hot tub for a while, before heading out to work.
Monday was Election Day, and well let's just say it was a long long day at the Centre and I stayed way past my usual bedtime. Yawn! Throughout the day I got an email from Kim from the DSC to find out when I was going to be in at the office again, she said she had a little project for me. LOL...ok usually the projects consist of doing some paperwork in the office, filing, sorting out, copying, etc. Nothing big usually, and usually it's not Kim who asks me either. So it was a little bit odd, but never really thought anything off it. My reply back to her was "Tuesday" and that was fine with her and we could talk then. So Tuesday was another miserable day and I went up to the Farm. I got there about 11 o'clock and started to work on the newest pictures that had been sent to the DSC. When I am there I am on my little desk, which is in the same office as Kim sits, so we always chit chat back and forth, even though she is normally very very busy. The biggest conversation piece was a welded metal donkey she had brought home from her vacation in Texas. Omg what a neat and cute thing, almost as big as our little Paco was and just really cute in detail and formation. I would have a whole herd of them in my back yard lol. Throughout the day we had several conversations about different things and well then she popped the answer was yes right away, without even thinking about it and well let's just say I now have a part time job at the DSC, combined with my days in the Boutique once a week and my scheduling of Group tours whenever necessary. Even though the offer went in effect immediately, I will not have a chance to get trained until the following week and then take this part over completely.  I am just so happy it is Cheryl who will train me, she is a gem when it comes to that part. Hope I can only do half as good a job as she has done for the last years. We will see, funny everybody thinks it will be just up my my nature...ok...whatever.
Wednesday was my first day in the boutique and there was still a lot to do in setting it up
and making it look just right, like always Ruth had done a great job purchasing donkey items, and I am just glad that I don't have small kids anymore lol and none in immediate family or
future to be even tempted, I did however purchased the newest of our DSC T-shirts and I love
it. The day was still cool but at least sunny, so we had a few people out.
Thursday  morning I went totally out of my comfort zone and attended a gym class at the Gretzky Centre here in town, came home, showered and got changed and ran a few errands and then went to Zumba Gold and Zumba later in the evening.  Man I was hurting that day, and my arm felt like lead, but at the same time it was a good hurting. :)
Friday morning I met up with a friend and we had a nice breakfast at Cora's, the poor waitress
came over about 5 times to take our orders before we even had peeked into the menu. Well lot
to catch up on. After that we each had errands to run and went our separate ways and I got
home just in time to head back out to go down to the lake to meet with J., it's been a few
weeks since I had seen her and so there was lots to talk about, that's for sure. The evening
was spent with Zumba with Jill, omg we had so much fun, she really has a way of getting people out of there comfort zone and we all had good laughs at ourselves and each other.
Saturday was back to work, and it was a fun filled day, quiet and calm to begin with and then
a loud Zumba Mother's Day celebration. Itwas quite thearty!
So it was a fun and exciting week. Oh and I collected so far over 300 books, and have raised
my goal to 500 here I go again....

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Joan said...

Am waiting to hear about your new part time job at the Sanctuary!

It sounds as though you live a very full life... and are enjoying it! :)