Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Waiting!

I hate waiting...waiting for something delievered or something being repaired is the most annoying thing, especially when they give you the time frame between 9 and 5...duh? So I am gonna sit here all day waiting...hate it.
Yesterday was a day full of waiting.. waiting for court to start, waiting for the judge, waiting for the other witnesses, waiting for the call of your name, waiting waiting waiting, all while I am thinking ok....I need to be back at work...I left in a rush, because I had to wait for a phonecall there, and was running behind at that point. Waiting for a chance to get a minute to call for back up, waiting for a chance to call my doctor, waiting waiting waiting. After waiting all day I went to the walk in clinic at the hospital, to wait some more, and I waited for two more hours until it was finally my turn, all while in agony and then I had to wait to get my percription filled....what a wasted day. (I guess you can tell I am not feeling well these days...haven't ranted like this in a while..oh well). Did I mention I hate waiting? 

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