Saturday, March 19, 2011

My kind of day!

Yesterday was just really my kind of day, it had everything in it that makes my days almost perfect. I got up early, like every day, went downstairs to play "Biggest Loser" on the Wii for 30 minutes, well I shouldn't call it play, since it's not playing its actively participating, and boy it sure is no child's play, and after half an hour you are huffing and puffing and sweating like crazy, thought for a second to go to Zumba in the morning, but had that thought leave my mind really quick and opted for an hour on the treadmill while watching one of my favourite shows "X-Weighted", had my bath, a few cups of coffee, emailed a friend, just to check in with them and then made my way down to the lake. It was a fairly springlike day, but cloudy and chilly down by the lake. Since I was a few minutes early for a meeting there, I went down to the beach and walked along the shore. It was absolutely nice, the sky was filled with sounds of seagulls and when they were still you actually could hear the ice cracking that still is covering big parts of the lake, it was absolutely amazing.
The shoreline of Lake Erie

Seagulls on the ice

"Hello Sunshine"
I climbed on a few rocks along the shore and through a few  trees and then went off to my meeting. It was nice to see J. again, it's been a few weeks, and well let's just say she sure knows how to get things looked at differently and  how to bring me from a happy place to a sad place back to a happy place lol. So it definitely was a good meeting. On my drive home I spotted my little donkey man, he and the two big horses were at the back paddock, so I pulled over on the side of the road and walked along the fence line till I got to them. Little donkey man came right over and we had a good cuddle through the fence and I had "donkey hands" within seconds. He is so cute, I just want to scoop him up and take him home. Well it sure is not easy to be huddled down like that for a long time to get a donkey hug from a mini donkey and then trying to get back up, omg, my knees were just killing me, but hey nothing I wouldn't do for a donkey hug. After a while the guy who lives there came home from work, and he took his dog out for a play in the backyard, while the horses watched him, donkey man was still cuddling with me. Well I thought here is my chance to find out a little bit about the little donkey man and we inched slowly along the fence line, donkey man inside, me on the outside of the fence. Of course the dog noticed me and started to come at me, barking his little head off, I am a little leery of stranger's dogs and when he came running through the paddock at me, I was getting a little nervous. But donkey man wasn't having any of this and chased the dog away. It was too cute. But of course dogs being dogs they can't leave well enough alone and he came running along the outside of the fence. Thank goodness I had dog smell on me, as J. has two adorable dogs, that spend all hour sitting on my lap. So he checked me out and was happy around me. Of course then the guy came over and well wouldn't you know it, I know him from years ago,  he used to come to a program I ran at work.  I even remembered his name and he remembered me, so we caught up on a few things and then talked about the donkey man. He is just over two years old, he had him since he was little and he is just absolutely loved, which is just what I wanted to hear. Well he sure looks good and is quite the character, but which donkey isn't. So I told him that I stop by here often to visit the little man and well I guess I am welcome anytime. So that made me happy. I went home, made a quick supper and then went of to work. Since nothing else was going on at the centre I was able to join the Zumba class, looks like we are getting a new Zumba instructor for Friday's class. Jill, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few times before, is an absolutely sweetheart, I just love her, her classes are just so much fun and I am looking forward to attending them. Jill, is not your average Zumba instructor, Jill is a little bit on the fuller side, but boy can she move, and it's just refreshing to see and really shows that Zumba is for everyone. Boy I wish I could move like her, but I am blaming that on my age, because I am sure she is at least 10 years younger than me lol. So it will be fun on Fridays, so lets just hope there isn't too much going on elsewhere in the building, which would prevent me from taking part in it. 
So for now I am signing off and tending to some email I promised a blogger friend on the other side of the country, to see what we can work out lol..Enjoy your Saturday! I know I will.


Sharon said...

Wow, busy day!
So glad you got the owner's blessing to visit the little man any time! That's cool.
Have a fun weekend!

Kerry said...

The lake looks very cold, hope Lake Huron is unfrozen and lovely for our retreat!
Have a good week end. See you on Wednesday!

Canyon Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great day and I love to see the smiley little face up in the corner. I have so many donkeys next door to me, but they are not within a hugging reach.--Inger