Monday, January 31, 2011

Brrrr it's cold!

Well despite the chilly temperatures yesterday it was an absolute gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky and the sun rays just hitting earth. Everybody was enjoying the sunshine and soaking it up, some were lucky to sit out on their deck and read and enjoy sunshine lol, while others had to work hard to work up a sweat. Always remembering what my dad said, I didn't feel cold at all yesterday, only when I took of my gloves for a second. I worked hard and I definitely feel it today in my arms and upper back, that are quite sore, but at least we got a lot accomplished and there was time to cuddle and hug and mingle with all my friends, human  and furry ones. To my surprise, well maybe not really because somehow I knew it, don't ask me how, but I had a feeling..and well it was just that way when I got there. Cate was working yesterday, so that made my day right there when I got there. I spend all morning cleaning the barnyard and the East side hill, feed the donkeys hay and then the afternoon was spent with doing feet, feet, feet and only feet. It's a chore I am not particularly fond of, not because it's a hard job, but it's not a job I am very comfortable doing, again not because I am afraid of it, but just because. Well after yesterday, I think I am comfortable with it, I haven't done that many feet  ever. I even helped Cate do Juno's feet, well doing her feet is quite a chore, it takes almost half an hour to just halter her, not because she runs away, she probably would, but Cate has the patience of an angel with Juno, and Juno pretty much trusts her and only her. So after a long tender loving way of putting the halter on, we walked Juno slowly to the stall, Juno also has no clue how to walk on a lead, so that is challenging in itself. Juno doesn't like to be tied up either, so I was cradling her head in my arms, while Cate was cleaning her feet. Juno did really well, she is such a brave little donkey.
It was fun to watch all the donkeys soak up the sun, some laid in the snow, some just leaned right into the direction of the sun and some just enjoyed the sunshine by playing. Besides having a day with Cate making it a perfect day, there was a long walk with Bob Ray through the snow over the hills, which was just absolutely heaven, and a lot of donkey hugs from Chaplin, who is just such a sweetheart, such a charmer and who absolutely loves to cuddle, especially while enjoying the sun shining in his face while having his head either on your shoulder or nestled in your arms. Those are all the little things that make me completely happy and content. What a beautiful cold day!
(You realize how cold you actually were once you get in the car and have the heater on and all of a sudden your nose, ears and cheeks are just burning).
Well even though we are still in the middle of winter, lots of plans have been made for the spring and summer already, and then some smaller ones for the immediate future. Woo hoo can't wait.


Joan said...

A perfect day!

Sharon said...

I do remember the horrible cold in MN in the wintertime, I was a youngster about 10-12 and bundled up good to chop firewood, it wouldn't be long and I was sweating. As long as you are properly dressed and stay busy, you just don't notice the cold! I'm glad you had such a great day!

Peggy Lee said...

Sounds like a perfect day made complete with donkey hugs.

Tina said...

Joan-it sure was!
Sharon- my dad always say you ever is cold while working is not working hard enough, so I am make sure I work hard when I am there so I don't get cold lol.
Peggy Lee-Donkey hugs just make my days every time, it's such honour and special feeling to have the trust of an animal like that.