Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Needing to get my butt in gear!

Well I better get my butt in gear to do something around here, don't even have the Christmas tree up  yet either, not sure when I will have time to do that. At least I accomplished a few things this morning already, defrosted the freezer in the basement, did two loads of laundry and hung up the garland over the living room door....woo hoo. I am off to the farm later this morning and get some things accomplished there with the mail orders that are still coming in, hopefully get the pictures done that I still's kind of hard to take pictures of all the white donkeys, when they are not white at all this time around, more like dirty brown, lol poor little creatures and then too I still don't know who is who of the white ones, as they all look so curly in the winter. And then I have to get all the mules still done and the five new every time I am thinking I am almost done, something new comes up, I also have to fix a few pictures pages up as some of the donkeys aren't anymore where they said they are, after all you always have to put your donkey back to where you got him from.
I still have to get a few things for my food basket, that I decided to make up for an "adopted" family, plus get a food voucher from fresh produce and meat. So much running around to do and not really knowing in what order to go and what to do first....not that I am stressing out, but I just need to stop procrastinating, that would help a lot. I guess sitting here in front of the PC isn't helping the situation, I have so many things to sort out in my head, things that are way ahead of me, but seems to preoccupy my mind a lot already. It's all in the planning and the follow through with things, one thing I still have to learn to master! Oh that could go on the list of New Years resolution, even though they are forever ongoing, no matter what time of the  year it is. 

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