Friday, November 26, 2010

Where is Waldo?

Or shall I ask where is Pookie?

Pauline Johnson Collegiate showed Wednesday just how much it really wants its field of dreams.The entire school population, about 1,000 students, posed on the backfield for an aerial photo. From 1,000 feet above the ground, where PJ teacher Ken Chisholm snapped pictures in a plane flown by PJ alumnus Gary Surrette, the students formed giant letters to spell AVIVA. After winning the first round, the high school has advanced to the semifinals of the Aviva Community Fund contest with a project to renovate its backfield.Principal Greg Woodcroft said that the photo will be added to the school's proposal."We wanted to give a visual idea of how many people this impacts," he said.The funding competition is in its second year since insurance company Aviva Canada launched it in 2009 with an initial $500,000 fund. There is $1 million up for grabs this year to be divided among numerous projects.The online contest allows Canadians to submit ideas and vote on things they would like to change in their communities and across the country.Pauline Johnson is looking for up to $500,000 toward its project to transform an area of its backfield next to the football field into a modern track and field complex. It would be used not just by PJ, said Woodcroft, but by students from nearby elementary schools and by community members.PJ finished first in the opening round of the contest, with 8,000 online votes, and moved straight to the semifinals.In the semifinal round, online voters again choose their favour ite projects from among 30 entries. The Top 10 will move on to the final judging round."We really need to get the whole community voting," said PJ teacher Melanie Kraemer, who is among a group of staff spearheading the project.
Want to help?
Online votes for the semifinal round of the Aviva Community Fund will be taken from Dec. 2 to 15. Visit www.avivacommunityfund.orgto register to vote. Votes can be cast once a day to a maximum of 10.
(taken from the Brantford Expositor Nov. 25, 2010)

According to Pookie she is somewhere on the top of the first 'A'.


Sharon said...

There is a lot of space there for a track and whatever! (I couldn't find Pookie!)

Denise said...

Is anyone allowed to vote. I mean I'm in the US and I'll put in my 10 votes if it would help.

Smiles - Denise
ps - no problem leaving feedback

Tina said...

Sharon- neither did Pookie lol
Denise- I am sure you can try. lol..