Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Can't believe I am actually saying this...

I can't actually believe that these words are coming out of my mouth, given the traumatic experiences that I had a few years back with some doctors and hospital stay and my ever growing fear of doctors and being probed and pricked, I actually can't wait to have my doctors appointment that is scheduled for the 17 th of this month. Wow, I actually said this, but given the way I have been feeling lately, and it's not just this nasty cough and cold that I still carry around with me, but a general unwell feeling,  I think it's time to get things checked out. And hopefully it is nothing like usual, other than a vitamin or mineral deficiency.  Can't wait for the next two weeks to pass...but still so much going on til then....arrrrgghhhhh!


Sharon said...

Good for you! Actually this month, I am seeing my ophthalmologist 3 times (at least) the old cataracts are a-coming out - FINALLY! I have an appointment with my Pulmonologist AND I just made an appt with a Cardiologist! I am going to be a busy old lady! So is my driver! I was feeling a little more blah than usual, and they did all the blood work and I needed calcium with vitamin D! It helped after a couple weeks of taking them. I also get that "can't get out of bed" thing - means my potassium is low. See? Could be something as simple as that! We are amazing creatures, you know!

DebH said...

so sorry your not feeling well...I am glad your getting things checked out though. Seems like those who take care of others so well don't seem to watch out for themselves (that would be me).
I drag my feet alot and now that you mention it..I have to call today and schedule that Mammogram!!
Thanks for the reminder!
Get well!!

Tina said...

It's so true, we are always so busy taking care of everybody and everything else, that we forget the most important person in our lives...ourselves.....I hate doctors and it really is always a last resort for me to actually go....oh fun!

Denise said...

I hate doctors! Plain and simple. But, they do have some good qualities! I hope yours finds the bug that's bothering you.
Smiles - Denise