Monday, November 01, 2010

An absolute beautiful weekend!

After a busy work week I was so looking forward to the weekend off, with the family still enjoying the Florida sunshine, I was to do what I wanted to do without the usual third degree of why I am doing it, of why I am going again, since I have only been there that was nice and took care of the usual guilt trips. So I got up early Saturday morning, continued with my house cleaning, one room a day, took a bath, chatted with a friend for a while and then went on my merry way to the Farm. Saturday the volunteers were invited to the main house for an Appreciation lunch, which I was really looking forward too. When I arrived at the farm, most of the donkeys were enjoying the fairly mild temperatures and a little bit of sunshine with laying in the field soaking up the last warm rays of sun. I stood there and watched for a while and then it was time to get to the main house. So far I have only been a few times in the sun room and the basement of the main house, but this time, we were inside the whole house and what a gorgeous charming old farm house it is, it is huge in size and absolutely charmingly decorated. Even though it is so big, it feels very cozy. A very delicious vegan and vegetarian Lunch was served in the dinning room but we ate in the living room, while watching a slide presentation of Kim's visit to the British Donkey Sanctuary. OMG I do feel a road/air trip coming on and this will definitely be a high priority thing to do on my bucket list. Wow, what an amazing, interesting and impressive operation. It is absolutely incredible. Kim did an amazing job too taking amazing pictures of the operation and how things are done there. Absolutely fantastic. After the presentation there was a Q&A session, we heard about figures and numbers of our operation, what it takes to make it run every year, etc. Adam gave an update on the barn happenings. It was a very interesting and informative afternoon. It was nice to see some of my co volunteers that I haven't seen since the last Open Day or some even before that. Cate was there and we made some plans for Christmas working together in the barn as she is doing some fill in for Chantal over  the holidays, and I am looking forward to that. After lunch I hung out by the fence for a little while to watch and cuddle.
And of course I took a few pictures.....
Here are our two big boys Cocoa and Panne.

On my way home I drove through Cambridge and stopped by the VV boutique to see if I could find another warm winter coat for the cold days on the farm, but no such luck but I found a couple of nice warm sweaters, so that will help too. Back in Brantford I went grocery shopping and got dinner for myself,watched some scary movies on TV and went to bed a little later than the previous nights. 

Sunday was going to be my last day of peace and quiet, I enjoyed a very quiet morning with coffee and just sitting listening to nothing at all, and decided  spontaneously to take a drive up to my one of my favourite places for some hiking and the pure enjoyment of being there.  When I got there it was still pretty busy, but it is a big park and I know where the quiet spots are. The weather wasn't too bad for the first little while,but then it actually started to snow for a bit, but that soon turned to rain. Nevertheless it was a very lovely and relaxing day out in Nature. Oh how I wish I could enjoy that every day......sigh!


AJ-OAKS said...

Just reading your post put a smile on my face too. What a wonderful time you had. And the Mammoth donks are gorgeous!

DebH said...

Just look at the enormous ears on Cocoa and Panne...they are gorgeous!
I totally agree on relaxing with being outdoors, doesn't matter the weather for me either..everyday outdoors is a day to appreciate! Sounds like your weekend was Wonderful! Happy November!

polly's path said...

snow!!!!! We got snow last year, the first time since 1978 here. I often dream of ditching the family deal and spending the holidays up north somewhere, riding in the snow in a sled pulled by dogs...

Sharon said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful! I love peace and quiet
and then the time comes
and it's back to reality.

I hope I don't see any snow this year, but better snow than the ice we usually get!