Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stitching-Reading-Reflecting and Thinking

"I always procrastinate when I get around to it"

Well today has been a day of not much at stay with the theme of stitching Wednesday down at the Centre, I decided to stitch a little bit more this morning. I really don't know how others do it, but pop up one finish after the other in no time at all. I just don't have the attention span to sit there and stitch like that, even though I have at least 15 things I am dying to start, but I don't want to start them, because this way they never will get finished. I have too many on the go to begin with and really right now not even eager to finish any of them. I do have at least one small finish to report and slow progress on one I have been stitching on for a while, but only pick up every other stitch Wednesday and one that I started on Monday just to see what the donkey would look like lol.

probably a Christmas present for mom 

slow progress on Aging ...I might be 80 by the time this is finished! Appropriately!

Started on Oct. 11, love the donkey!

I spent some time reading as well as the books I had ordered surprisingly arrived early this morning. Definitely some interesting reading, lots to learn and lots to think and reflect about. But nothing like reading a interesting book, that is written in a very easy to understand language even though the subject is quite complicated and complex.  So it was hard to put that book down, and I got through a lot of it, very quickly. Nothing like instant gratification lol...he he he.
I also got another book about Donkeys, in addition to my Dr. Elizabeth Svendsen's book "The complete book of the donkey", so I can't wait to get started on reading that one  and learn a little bit more about  the medical care of donkeys.  Spent some time thinking about the summer at the DSC and dotted down some points of concern of pluses and negatives about the boutique and Welcome centre, also some new ideas for products for the boutique, as we are having a meeting Sunday morning on the Farm.  Hmmm find it kind of odd for me, that I am actually looking forward to the meeting and the discussions, and that I actually have something to say and share...woo hoo...such a foreign concept for me at meetings. I usually seldom have an opinion one way or another, at any meetings,  unless it goes totally against my grain, but I guess nothing was ever really important enough as this is to me. 


Sharon said...

It just amazes me, how fast you can do that stitching! I can't do it now, because of my hands and eyes, but when our son was a baby, I started one for him and it still remains unfinished. I guess I don't have a "stitching" heart, like you do!

Denise said...

Glad you got a finish. The others will be done sooner than you think! My reading is suffering - I am stitching too much! (Oops - did I really say that??)

Have a great weekend! Denise

Tracey said...

I love your stitching, even if you rarely finish any of it! xxx

Louise said...

That stitching is amazing. Beautiful stuff! As far as the DSC goes, I have found that, when I have something that I am passionate about, like you are about the donkeys, it becomes much easier to step up and let your opinions be known, because you care, and want the best for them.

Jodie said...

I'm loving the aging piece, it's so cute! I have such a thing for Lizzie Kate right now LOL!