Tuesday, October 26, 2010

9 winging an 8!

What a busy day it was yesterday here at work. It was Municipal Election Day and our facility was to be used as a voting station with two polls. The set up crew was suppose to be here by nine to get everything ready, and the election workers were just arriving at that time too. Well no crew here, the person in charge of the staff for the Election was rather rude and nasty, so my patience was running a little thin that morning. I might not be the most organized person, but I hate nothing more than people who pretend they have their shit together and then just are rude and bossy and really have no clue what they do. So after being spoken too rudely a few times by that person I just about had it and well I kind of took charge of them, kind of surprised myself with that, because that is usually not my way of being. I did what I need to do to make their job go as good as it can and then left them to their own devices. But it got them going and got me to return to my quiet office. :) It does help to have a supportive and helpful coworker. The day was busy from opening to closing and I spent pretty much all day talking with people, so many people came through the doors that I haven't seen in ages, so many parents of kids we had years ago, other acquaintances and friends and I had a few nice long chats with some dear people, shared a few stories and shared a lot of laughs with an old friend, who I hadn't seen or talked to in ages, he stayed about good two hours with me in the office just chatting away. It was so much fun chatching up, reminising about back in the days and learning about the ongoing in his life now. So even though it was a 13 hours workday for me, the time flew by rather quickly. Thanks to our new janitor I didn't have to worry too much taking everything down at night and we were going to do that this morning. I am so glad we finally have a nice strong man working in the building and all the heavy lifting is not all left up to us anymore.
By the end of the day I was pretty tired and couldn't wait to get home and rest, since I am still not feeling all that great.

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Sharon said...

That was a very busy day! Nice to see folks you haven't seen in a while, though! I bet you were tired, I hope you aren't getting a relapse!