Thursday, September 30, 2010

Observations from the boutique window!

*Buddy is like a little bulldozer...get out of my way I need to get to my food...only it wasn't his food it was the nice bucket of mums he was after as he bulldozed his way through a group of women standing right in front of them, well he still had to reach through the fence too. What a little bugger.
* one of the words some of the donkeys don't have a problem understanding is "dinner". They come for nothing when you call them unless you couple it with the word "dinner". Little Paco was all the way on top of the Office paddock and Chantel just yelled "Paco dinner" and his little ears just went up and off he went trotting down the lane way into the barn to fight his way to his stall to get his special dinner. What a cutie he is.
* Eeyore, one of our newest, is still trying to figure out what it is to be a donkey, he joined the main herd a few days ago but is definitely a loner, but then he never been around donkeys before he got here, and being cooped up with Hershey in quarantine wasn't maybe the best roll model to begin with lol.
* and while I am on the subject of Hershey, somebody forgot to let Hershey out of his paddock to join the rest of the gang, so Rose and I ventured up there to let him out, he really is a beautiful donkey, he looks so sweet, but we all know better lol....I really don't trust him, he has the face of an angel, but his ears tell you differently...and sure enough as soon as I opened the gate he tried to pin me, his specialty, but thank god I had the gate still between us. lol. I am not that dumb my sweet Hershey. As he started to wander off, he couldn't resist of kicking up his heels at Rose but she was thankfully far enough away.
* Today was no carrot walk, and Cocoa was not happy about that. So when Rose and I went into the paddock to get Hershey, Cocoa thought maybe, and only maybe, these people have some carrots for me, and he followed us all the way up to Hershey's little paddock. So cute. I am so much more comfortable round this gentle giant as I once was, and yes his size can be intimidating, but his demeanor is that of a snuggle bug, and he leans right into you.
* Everybody makes fun, or shall I say, laughs at my sweet Orly. Orly is the only donkey that can not bray without farting at the same time, which of course kids think is hilarious. Oh she is such a lady!
* Juno is becoming quite assertive with the boys in her paddock, she is turning into a feisty little thing. Good for her. She really gets along fine with Odin and Gordon and I have watched her and Gordon groom each other, which was just too cute, because she had to stretch her neck out so far to reach the back of the big guy. Now Gordon, he has always been one of my favourites, but he can be a little grumpy at times. He definitely has no patience with kids, that's for sure and that's why he is not out on Open Day mingling.
* People really appreciate the little things you can do to make their visit to the DSC more memorable, well I learnt from the best, and well even though it is in my nature to try to make everybody happy, it is not always possible when it is busy. But it was a slow morning so we brought Poppy up to the top of the lane way to visit with one of her sponsors, and once Poppy comes, so does Pansy and Sable. The older lady brushed Poppy for good twenty minutes while her husband was sitting on the bench having a little chat with Summer. It was so cute to watch.
* Well one man provided enough proof to support my way of thinking about them. I can't even call him an ass, because that would be just a total insult to the animal. ( and I wasn't the only one who felt like that lol)
*  I got a few "feel good about myself" feelings, that were of course immediately coupled with the thought...'omg please no pressure' lol, I think it's time I suck it up and do live up to the opinion that people have of me and do all the things that I so secretly wish I could do. Well if others think so, shouldn't it be time that I think so myself?  Arrrgghhh the stupid games the mind can play with us.
*  Had some very interesting conversations  with Kim, and boy you sure learn a lot when she talks to you. So I always enjoy the times with her.
* The road trip with the donkeys is a go, weather permitting and it should be fun.
* our donkey Donkeschoen is camera shy. We have a lady, a former wedding photographer, come out at least once a week, from Toronto, to take pictures of the donkeys and the farm, which she then sends to the DSC to use for whatever they need them, newsletters, webpage etc. She has taken some beautiful pictures over the years, and well Donkeschoen was really giving her a hard time, I was laughing watching the two of them, and I think Donkeschoen was making a game out of it. Donkeschoen was hiding her face behind a tree and kept peeking around it, but every time Cathy got her camera ready, Donkeschoen would pull her face right behind the tree trunk again and that went on for good 15 minutes. Finally Donkeschoen came out of hiding, only to walk up to Cathy so close that she couldn't get a shot in again, and as Cathy backed up, Donkeschoen kept coming closer. She must have taken tons of pictures of her, but probably only got a few good ones. Well and then she took pictures of me...great...I hate getting my pictures taken. Arrrrghhhh!!!! I take horrible pictures. I think in all the world there are five pictures of me that I actually like...that's pretty bad lol.

Well these guys always take great pictures, so I will keep posting
them, these are the renewal pictures of  some of my sponsored donkeys. ( note ...I have replaced the children's pictures on the fridge with donkey is that for a mom? lol)


Sharon said...

That photographer takes excellent pictures! Some animals know that you want to take a good picture and they don't want anything to do with it! LOL!

Louise said...

Oh Tina, they are adorable. I loved that description of all of the donkeys. What sweet critters to be able to be around. I haven't had anything to do with donkeys. Horse's breath smells like sweet hay, and peppermints if they've just had some. Does a donkey's breath smell the same?

Canyon Girl said...

And people don't think donkeys are beautiful?! I just love those photos and I love your description of the donkeys and their various behaviors. I can just see them in front of me.--Inger

Tina said...

Sharon-you are so right, animals are just way to smart and little buggers at times.
Louise-donkeys smell pretty much the same, only given mints once to a donkey lol and he just loved it. You should find yourself a little donkey to visit somewhere or you just have to come up here one day. lol.
Inger-to me they are the most beautiful creatures, their nature, their characters, their beautiful eyes and of course omg the long ears.