Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Men watching, jolly balls......and other tales from the Funny Farm

*No matter what age you are, whether you are happily married or not so happily married, whether you want to openly admit it or not.... we girls do notice a good looking guy the minute he walks by us. So at the farm today, this good looking young, maybe in his 30s, athletic cool guy comes to visit the DSC, of course I had to catch him on his way into the barnyard, with the usual first question of being a first visit or a repeat visit, from that answer I will take my cue on  what else I have to tell people before they go in. No he was a repeat visitor and sported himself right into the lane way, were he asked Buddy how he was doing and if his leg is healing ok, than he grabbed himself a brush and made his way into the office paddock to groom Sable and Poppy. In the meantime I had any female staff and volunteer peering out the boutique window, wondering what a good looking guy like that was doing here all by himself on a Wednesday afternoon and talks to the donkeys, especially the little ones.Usually guys go for the more macho donkeys like Indiana, Cocoa and Apollo. We watched him a little while just being content with the donkeys and grooming the girls and later on Chiclet. Well then there was a  chance to find out exactly what a good looking guy like this does here all by himself, as he was standing by the Garden Paddock fence cuddling with the new guy Eeyore. I thought well I just go over to the Paddock and tell him about Eeyore and engage him into a conversation, nothing unusual about that, we always ask people where they come from, how they learnt about us, just general questions and info to use for our statistics. So I found out quite a lot, he was from Toronto, loves to go for a drive and just visit the donkeys, it is a stress relief for him to just be out here in the country, enjoy the tranquility and peace and beauty of the place and of course get some donkey love. So really he was one of us lol. He told me that he was here with his daughter in May and just totally feel in love with these three little donkeys Sable, Poppy and Pansy and that he sponsors all three of them. And he was here to find another one he could sponsor, and well I think Eeyore found him. He walked back to the boutique with me, asked me all kinds of donkey questions, bought a little stuff donkey and left with the words...."back to the grind and that he will be back soon". So that solves the mystery of what a good looking guy does all alone here. No better place to be to regroup, refresh and relax and renew.
*Today's visitors were great, omg I don't think I ever had so much fun on a Open Day Wednesday, they were funny, interesting, too cute, in love, searching for something to do, interested and just a whole lot of fun to be around. Then there was my favourite person....Derek, Derek comes at least twice a month with his worker to visit the donkeys, Derek is probably 20 years old and mental challenged,  he is a big guy, and by big I mean tall and big, and it is just too cute to see this gentle giant with the mini donkeys, who are his favourites. He really is a sweat heart, high fiving me as the walks by the door of the boutique where I greet him and off he goes. The last few times he came with his step dad and the two of them actually worked in the paddock picking up poop. With everything Derek does, he has a great time and I love watching him, he takes such pride in everything he does and is just happy to be here. It's funny how the donkeys have taken to him, even though he can be very loud and a little bit hyper around them, they don't seem to mind one bit.
*Well  the donkeys got some donkey toys, some of us volunteers have brought in jolly balls for them to play with, some were not interested at all, and some carried them around for a while trying to figure out what to do with them, cant wait to watch it for myself and not just listen to the stories from others.
*Juno, well what can I say about my sweet Juno. When I got there this morning, I kind of didn't pay attention to her, as she was eating at the outside feeder and I didn't want to bug her, but apparently she wanted to be bugged, because when I came back out of the tack room she was coming right up to me slowly and just let me scratch her ears. Who would have ever thought that would happen with Juno. What a change over the last few months, it is so heartwarming and just so lovely to see and experience.
*Don Quiote ( still pronounced Don Keyote) is still having a hard time making friends and finding his place in the group. He and Amigo were really getting at each other today, bringing each other to the knees, standing up on hind legs fighting and biting each other on the ears and dragging each other in circles.  Well and then Amigo had enough and he kicked him hard, that I even felt the pain, Don Quiote winced and took off. Well somebody has to show the little boy is place,  he can't just go around and hump everybody, boy or girl and think everybody will put up with it. Donny is definitely a young donkey and still has to grow into his body, so he will chill out sooner or later. It just seems to take a while for him to understand. He sure is a handsome boy though. Someone who has brought the usual quite main herd into uproar for most of the times. He sure stays away from the big boys Cocoa and Apollo, wonder why?lol
*Got another interesting volunteer job offer today and maybe with some rearranging on my work schedule I might be able to do it. Sure would love to, but it also depends on how my foot will hold up, bad enough my foot hurts like hell most of the time, to the point that I can hardly put any weight on, well Tibet just added insult to injury today when she stepped on my toes of the same foot, boy she sure flattened my foot out and wouldn't move of it,  I tried to push her off, but we all know what happens when you try to push a donkey, they just put more resistance in it, and well I stood there for good two minutes with some heavy donkey having their foot planted on my toes, I tried to pull it out from under her, but I couldn't, that sure did hurt a lot. Just another donkey related injury for my list, thank god I wear my battle scars proudly, they all have stories that go with it...some more exciting than Apollos grab during the carrot walk vs. the moody little nip from Sable right by the knee the other was just her  right height too. And now I can add a flat foot to the list. lol.


Melodie said...

Great story about a couple of great guys! i think you need some sort of donkey hazard pay or something,lol! Hope your foot is better soon!

Sharon said...

Men watching... oh, yah... and I'm an old bird.
It has to be fun and maybe a little scary, watching those donkey antics! Is a bit of a battle zone, huh?
Sorry about your foot! When I was about 16, I had a plow horse stand on my right foot, damaged my foot permanently, oh, it's not too bad, but sometimes I can hardly push my foot on the gas pedal, it hurts so much from the arthritis that set in.

Louise said...

Hah, being around horses so much, I have a couple of really odd looking toes on my right foot, from where various horses, but; mainly, the Promise Mare, who would spook straight up in the air and come down with her legs spraddled when I was leading her.

As for good looking men, you betcha I look.

Kerry said...

Aways nice when a good looking, nice man comes for a visit. I always have said a man who loves animals is kind to everyone! I miss you, hope to see you tonight.

Tracey said...

I love how you's as if I'm there with you. Men watching....sounds good to me! xxx

polly's path said...

I can just picture you gals eyeing the cute guy.

AJ-OAKS said...

Great post!
I agree, eye candy is very sweet to look at. Hey, when someone is good looking, why not take in the scenery! :)
I am so happy for you that Juno has bonded with you. Wasn't all that long ago when she was a differant gal.
Thanks to horses and donkeys I have had several toes broken, huge nasty bruises, and now one toenail is, well, gross to look at due to being stepped on over all these years.

Tina said...

Melodie- thanks, my foot is pretty good considering how flat it looked the other day lol....Toes are back to normal shape, a little further apart but otherwise good.
Sharon-It is a little bit of a battle zone right now, he has brought so much "life" into the herd lol. Yeah my foot is pretty much messed up too, broke the ankle on that one pretty good and it hurts like hell when the screws tighten themselves too much, plus arthritis and all the jazz.
Louise- ouch...that must hurt when they come down with such force, at least Tibet was just taking a normal step.
Kerry- you are so right about that, just as people who abuse animals rarely stop there....Miss you too.
Tracey- thanks so much, I really appreciate you saying that. :) Men watching is a lot better than watching cement dry lol or golf on TV.
Polly- oh can you? lol...I bet you would have been right there too lol.
Cindy- yes Juno is like a new donkey, it is so great to see her blossom in front of our eyes and every time she does something new...oh the joy of horse and donkey injuries...but like I always say they are battle scars and everyone has a story..maybe one day I will share all the stories that my body tells lol.

Marina said...

I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words and describing the characters and shenanigans of the different donkeys at the farm. Thanks for sharing your story!