Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This morning, as I was getting ready for a day out with one of my friends, I was interrupted by a loud knock on the door, I peeked out the side window and didn't see any post truck, so I really wasn't sure who it was and why, as I got to the door I recognized our neighbour from two doors up, not three doors down lol, and she just said" your car.......''...well that's all I needed to hear and I thought to myself oh no not again, but she finished telling me that when she drove down the road she saw that the car in  our drive way was broken into. Arrrrgggghhhhh! So I woke up my son, to make him check what was taken, and I went outside and called the police. It wasn't just one of our cars that was broken into, but  also our next door neighbours and another one on the street, so we all called the police separately and reported the break ins. Oh joy! Of course I had to call my AH to tell him about it and he was not very pleased, as besides my bumper, the cover for my spare tire and the tow hook from my accident last week, we now need a window replaced in my son's car. Well after dealing with the police, taking the neighbour's daughter to work, because her dad couldn't take her, and taking my daughter and her friend to school, I was finally on my way to meet my friend, what should have been a 15 minutes drive, from one end of the town to the other, lasted unusually long, because on one of the main roads the power was out and all the busy intersection were without lights and regulations, well some people just don't know how to treat a big intersection that usually is controlled by traffic lights. I finally arrived at her house and we went to our appointment to get our eye brows threaded and then out for coffee and we hit some of the thrift stores. We had a great time and laughed a lot, I found a new pair of boots for working on the farm and some warm sweaters, because it surely is cold up there in the winter. Funny that most of my clothes are all bought with "I need this for the farm" in mind. I almost don't have any good clothes anymore lol. And the donkeys really don't care what you wear lol and neither do I. 


Denise said...

((Hugs)) I hope your insurance will cover the losses.

What is wrong with people any more?

Glad the rest of your day was well spent. And as for the clothes - eh, who needs dressy clothes?

Smiles - Denise

Louise said...

You poor thing. That's not only difficult, it's scary to deal with. I'm so sorry it happened to you.

As for the clothes, eh, who needs to dress up?

Sharon said...

Just plain old vandalism? Good grief! Nothing better to do, just damage other people's property. We just have liability, so wouldn't be covered if it happened to us!

Good that you and your friend had a good time in spite of your morning problems!

I have 2 nice outfits that are reserved for funerals, otherwise, I am not a clothes horse.

AJ-OAKS said...

Geez, it is raining on you a lot! What the heck! I hope the criminals get caught! I cannot stand a thief! They have no idea what it is like to bust your butt for what you have. They only know how to do it the eay way and steal from hard wroking people. Argh!!!!
But, it sounds like you had a lot of fun with your friend.

Tracey said...

Drives me up the bloody wall, stupid idiots!!! Sorry you had a bad

Canyon Girl said...

I'm sorry about the break-in. But there is nothing like a good thrift store to cheer you up. I'm glad you day ended well.--Inger

polly's path said...

the nerve of some people. Our neighborhood got about 18 cars broken into about a year ago, it was crazy-they just started at one end and kept going.
I have had almost a non-exsistent internet connection in the last 7 days so I haven't read or commented anywhere-hoping to get it fixed soon!

Tammy said...

OH Boy Martina....I would just go back to bed and wake up the next day good for you for getting on with your day and it was probably worth the laughs you shared with your friend!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

damn, hey wanna dog???