Thursday, August 19, 2010

A perfect day....

...for a visit on the farm and visitors we had. It was really the perfect day, the sun was shining and the temperatures were absolutely nice, no humidity at all. The animals were more active than they have been in a while now, there were even donkeys out in the field and in the lane way, haven't seen that in a while. For the first hour I was by myself, doing Welcome Centre and Boutique and by the time the Welcome person took over our count was up to 88 people already. I must they I had the busiest day I have had so far this summer in the boutique, which was great because we made a lot of money as we did with the donation for the admission, but there was no minute yesterday when it was quiet in the boutique or even time to re-arrange things and tidy things up. The shelves are starting to look mighty empty by now, so empty that we will reorder new t-shirts again, as for the other things what you see is what we got left and no orders will be made until next season. Compared to last year we are a few thousand dollars over what was made last year in the boutique, and that is great. Wednesdays is usually a slower and less busier day than Sunday, but not the last few weeks, as we had more visitors on Wednesdays and any other Sunday. I know it will slow down considerably once school is back in September. As for now we still have a few "big" days ahead of us, like the "Animal Day" and then there is the "Donor Appreciation Luncheon", that was very lucrative last year with sales in the boutique. So we should be doing well. Not sure if I will be going this year, since it's on a Saturday that's mine to work and I will be officially back to work by then. I would like to go, it was last year at that function that I decided that I really wanted to volunteer at the DSC and be more involved....gee still took me almost three month after that to get my nerves up and do it lol.
It really was a nice  yet busy day at the DSC, only one mishap, I got stung by another wasp, this time in my thumb and it is all swollen and red today and it is itchy as hell. Arrrggghhh!...Suck it up Princess!


polly's path said...

so glad you have some good weather your way for humans and donkeys to enjoy!
I hope the sting gets better..

Sharon said...

Lower humidity generally heightens one's energy, sounds like a super good day!

Sorry about the wasp sting - they really hurt!