Monday, August 09, 2010

Leaving you with pictures!

While I am still trying to sort out my thoughts about Sunday and find the right words to describe my thoughts and overwhelming feelings, I will just post a few pictures from yesterday's Open Day at the DSC. Let me just say this much>>>>>>>it was an awesome, amazing, emotionally charged day at the DSC. One I will remember forever and treasure always. It was one very special day!
Odin scratching an itch!

Two very handsome boys, Cocoa and his little side kick Hershey!

Cocoa and the yummy salt lick!

Buddy on alert! Or shall I say stall rest!

Donkeys enjoying the cool Sunday morning!
Our sick boy Jacques ( dark one), Odin and Chiclet (with the short ears)

Sable will not participate in any Christmas parades this year but rather try out for the Easter bunny play!

Or maybe the "Flying Nun, the sequel".


Sharon said...

Great pictures! Love the bunny ears!


polly's path said...

oh, how cute are the ears! Now I see what you meant when you said you could use the photo for an Easter card.

Melodie said...

Odin looks like my Clyde,except Clyde has a super skinny body and it makes his head look too big! Love the flying nun picture!

Canyon Girl said...

Love those donkeys, ears,noses, eyes, everything.--Inger

Tracey said...

I could just nuzzle them all! Love the flying nun!! xxx

Jules said...

Very beautiful animals! I love the flymask over the last one, too cute!!

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my gosh I have never seen a fly mask like that. I mean, one with the ear coverings of that size! Wow!
Those are some great pics.
Love the drawings/murals on the walls. Very cool.