Friday, August 13, 2010

A heart smile!

The most amazing thing had happened on Wednesday during visiting hours at the DSC. It has been a long time coming and nothing, absolutely nothing was more heart warming than this sight. For months she stood at the sidelines, with such a longing look in her eyes that could break your heart. For months she would run as far as she could to get away from people, any move towards her or any sudden move near her would sent her of to find security. For months she tried to get closer, took tiny baby steps towards being loved and adored. Everybody already loved her, even though we were just allowed to love her from a distance. Even with the help of a carrot is was still a task to gain her trust and as soon as she took it she would run. At the beginning of Open Day season in May she was still always far away from the fence and if people were approaching the fence she would take of further into the paddock. Over the last few weeks we have seen big progress in her with being around the people at the fence, she wouldn't take of quite as easily anymore but still keep her distance. I know every time  I clean the paddock she would slowly come up to me but still keep the distance between me and her that I couldn't touch her and I had to slowly inch  my way closer, sometimes she stayed and sometimes she ran. This Wednesday Cate and I were just so totally overjoyed to watch Juno, or how Cate calls her lovingly June bug, being a total love bug and taking it all in. She stood pretty much all day at the fence and complete strangers were able to pet the little donkey and scratch her ears. Oh what a sight! Brings me to happy tears just thinking about it. What a big step for that little donkey that had her spirit and heart broken by the abuse of her former owner, by being beaten and almost starved to death to be able to find that kind of trust again and to know she doesn't have to be scared of people anymore. What a big achievement! I couldn't be happier for her, and I am sure in a few months she will be just as comfortable around people without the fence post between her and them.


polly's path said...

oh, what a special story with a terrific ending(or maybe it is only the beginning!)
I am thrilled for you and the precious little donkey.

Melodie said...

That is so wonderful! yeah,yeah yeah!

Sharon said...

What lovely progress! It won't be long ad she will be just as pushy as some of the other ones!

Louise said...

That was a great story, Tina. I'm so happy for Juno. And, I'm always amazed at the ability of animals to love and trust again. Thank you for telling us this story.