Thursday, July 01, 2010

Well what's a sure sign of summer?

Lots of kids everywhere and the DSC was no exception yesterday on the Wednesday Open Day. OMG was I ever busy, between doing the greeting of people and giving them the donkey talk, and running the boutique there was never a quite moment, by lunchtime we have had over 80 people come through, that's more than I have had all the previous Wednesdays, definitely a sign that school is out and of what to expect the next few months. Oh goody! It met a lot of nice people and you can definitely divide them up into groups, people who are only there because they have nothing better to do for that day and people who are generally interested and ask a lot of questions. I had a lot of complaints from people about the traffic on the way up, I know I was in it too when I drove up to the DSC, there must have been a big accident on the Highway and everybody was using all the available side roads to get to where they needed to be, I for one thought I was going to be late for work too, but thanks with the help of a nice lady driver, I made it there on time.  One older couple had been on the road for 4 1/2 hrs to come, a trip that should have taken 30 mins at the most. He joked around with me after I gave him the donkey talk and said, well it better be worth the drive...I promised him that it will be and afterwards he said well it definitely was. So that made me smile. We also had a 95 year old man just come for the carrot walk, he was kind of down and out and as his family was talking about donkeys around him,  he perked right up, they called that morning and required about certain things at the DSC and were there for the carrotwalk at 3:30 pm, we even made a special parking spot for him, so he had a front row seat right in his vehicle. Ah the power of a donkey. I just love it. After work was done I helped Steph, one of the young animal caregivers with securing one of the barn doors way up in the loft, wonder why they ask my FA for stuff like that, I had to climb hay bales to get to the top, not exactly my kind of thing lol. but I made it up and most importantly back down again. We completed the task and everything was good. I also finally remembered to pick up my two raffle prizes from Donkey Day, funny I kept remembering it, but always on the way home, not as I was leaving but as I was half way home. I hate my delayed memory. lol. So since I can't win the big million dollars at the lotteries, I will be happy about all my small wins, I won a gift package from SC Johnson and a Flash drive. Woo hoo. There were a few nice prizes at the Raffle, but most of them where for things in their town, and since I am an outoftowner I opted for universal things, like giftpackages, flash drives and there was a nice farm quilt, that I really liked, and put most of my tickests in. So two out of three ain't bad, is it?

And to have a perfect ending to the day.... I spent some time with my sweet Hershey over the fence. Oh he is so adorable, I am just totally in  love with him.


Sharon said...

I was going to say - fall fashions showing up in the stores.

Yep, it sure is kids! I'm sure going to DCS is a great place for them to visit!
So nice that the old man got to see the carrot walk!
hmph, I never win any thing good....

DebH said...

gosh its fun to hear about your workplace and your enjoyment in the fun stuff. I would love to see your donkey haven, it sounds like a wonderful place and I know exactly how those sweet animals can steal your heart. I have many that I consider my Hersheys and frankly they are part of the family. I loved hearing about your older gent who came to see the donkeys....I hope I always have the opportunity to care for some until I am old and gray!! It keeps a person in touch, thats for sure!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful place to work. Sounds like

Louise said...

I'm glad that the older man got to see the donkey walk. What a great thing for you all to do for him. But then, it's what I would expect from the crew that you have talked about there. They sure sound like great bunch of people.

Congratulation on winning two (!) raffle prizes. What fun!

I bet that the donkeys were a little frisky yesterday, with the cool weather.

Tina said...

Sharon- fall fashion is definitely a dead giveaway for summer that's for sure, I can't wait for my SEARS wishbook in August lol....I usually don't win anything either, this is only my thrid time ever winning anything in my first big win was a wheelbarrow full of booze at a buck and doe. lol....still have a lot of it.
DebH-Animals are just the greatest, and you are so right with keeping a person in touch.
Tracey-Yes it is heaven, I call it my little piece of heaven on Earth. I am sure the donks think so too.
Louise-They are a great bunch of people, and I am so glad for the old man too. Oh yeah, the donkeys were all out in full force that day...sunshine and cool temperatures, can't get any better.