Tuesday, June 08, 2010

One definite thing I have learnt....

...from my dad is how to be diplomatic. I do have my own opinions, my own way of doing things, my own way of looking at things, but I can be very diplomatic about it, just because it's my way, doesn't mean it's the right way, it's just right for me. I have learnt from my dad that different is good and different makes you think and appreciate things, see both sides of the coin without the need to compromise your take on things but accepting that there are other ways of taking things too. Being diplomatic makes things sometimes a little bit hard because I can understand and sympathize with both sides yet I have to stick to my side to be true to myself, doesn't mean I don't understand the other one too.  Being diplomatic to me also means to say what I mean and do what I want without alienating and/or judging the other person through my words and actions.
So after careful consideration and a lot of thought behind my words, even though they just bubbled right out like verbal vomit, I am very happy with the way I chose to answer that email I received yesterday, and I am truly looking forward to many more written conversations and personal ones when ever the occasion arises. I have learnt so much from this person over the last five years, that I am looking forward to learning more and I know help and insight is always just an email or a visit away. And I am grateful for that. That is one person I inspire to be more like, not sure if I have it in me, but it  is  surely something to work on, but like I said there is so much more to be learnt and experienced and so much more that I need to get over first. The good thing is that I am very interested in the subject, so that is half the battle. :)
Well after having accomplished this task of writing the email, I am off to run a few errands in preparation for DONKEY DAY. Well I won't be running, more like limping around....still taking it easy. Enjoy the sunshine.....:)


Sharon said...

So good tat you have made up your mind and will see the progression of things! You have a good day too!

Louise said...

Best way to look at it. Enjoy your day.