Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now that was funny.....well to me at least....

I worked last evening and just before locking up the building I got an unexpected but always welcomed visitor. As always he brings a smile to my face and sometimes brings me just to bursts of laugh, as he did yesterday and as it is his profession. I am talking about my friend "Freeway" the lovable hobo clown, and that he is for sure. The way he says things, it's funny, the way the moves his eyes while he is talking to you is funny, even if it is just a normal conversation about any daily happenings. I have known Freeway for quite some time now, he used to come to the Badminton program I was running at the Community Centre, and he made it then his mission to recruit me for his business...yeah right....his main purpose for coming to badminton in the end was to teach me how to juggle, well I tried and I tried and damn I couldn't get that going at all, well maybe once around, but then it was just getting to confusing, even though he was an amazing teacher. lol. So  yesterday he came down to the centre to drop of some business cards, as he thought that someone from there had called him about hiring him, but he couldn't remember who or why as he had accidentally erased the message from his phone. Well I wasn't aware of anybody at our place who would need a clown right now, but hey you never know. As always he tried to convince me to come and check out his clown classes and all that stuff that goes with it, and as we were standing there he noticed a flyer on the door about a community event with the same name as our building, so he gave the guy a call and it was actually who was looking for him in the first place. Omg, watching him on this business call, as he was putting the other guy on speaker, I had to walk away a few time, not to burst out laughing out loud for him to hear me, it was priceless and I laughed so much at Freeway. After the phone conversation Freeway repeatedly tried to convince me to come and join his group, thinking I would be so great for a job like that....hmmm do you figure this out? Well I guess there are just things I don't see. I promised him I would come out and watch him and his group practice in the near future....I still think it's funny that he thinks I have the personality to be a clown lol....lmao....roflmao....omg no way! 

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Sharon said...

Don't believe I would want to be a clown! I can't juggle either (except maybe the budget). It might be fun to go watch them practice.... what could it hurt?