Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of rain!

Well tired doesn't even describe my state of being today, I am totally exhausted, physically and mostly mentally, and I think I really should take some of my Tina recouperating days, where I just totally shut the world out, not answer the phone, not leave my house and just do what I want and need to do all by myself, without talking, without socializing and being out there. But then I look outside and it looks like it might be a sunny day and I really should be doing something and want to be doing something, but oh man, I am drained. ( ...being drained might just be a total different entry, something that happened at the end of DONKEY DAY, that was kind of interesting and funny, and boy it made me feel so much better about myself lol).
Yesterday I left my house and it was drizzling rain, as I got further along in my travels the drizzle turned into downpours and windstorms. So I thought it might be a slow day again, but who knew, omg even just thinking about yesterday gives me such stomach cramps. After the great way I got through the past weekend, and how proud I actually was about mastering it so nicely, I imagined that from now on everything after that would really just be a breeze to go through. Well I was wrong! Nothing has changed, and it really angers me about myself that it doesn't, how many positive and great experiences do I have to have before all this negative stuff is wiped from my memory and let me function normally? It really is frustrating to me. The morning started slow with a couple of people here and there, as the weather was changing between being cool and pouring rain to sunshine and a lot of humidity. We had two groups coming through and that's where my day went downhill fast,  even though I got through it unharmed. The first group was a group of Urban Forestry Students, nice young people, with lots of questions about the donkeys and obviously a lot of money to spent as they really supported the DSC by big donations and purchases from the boutique. It was great. The second group was a husband and wife with a few of the kids that they house on their residential farm outside of Toronto, it is a group home for mentally troubled  youngsters and a working farm with sheep and cattle and the kids all help taking care of it, and they were coming to see if they would qualify for being a Foster Farm to two of our donkeys. The rest of the day was then smooth sailing with just a few people here and there, since the weather was still trying to make up it's mind...sunny and hot or cool and pouring.
I spent the evening with going to Zumba, which was great but exhausting and I sweated buckets and a short visit with the Stitching Sisters on an off night at my friend's house. I was way too tired to stitch though and had trouble even keeping my head of the table lol. But it is always fun to just be there and listen to the chit chat going on around the big ole table and to see everybody's progress on their work.


Sharon said...

It does sound like a draining day to me! That's a whole lot of stuff going on! Oh, once you get going, you will be fine. You have a good day now!


Louise said...

You did fine. Anyone would be exhausted after a busy day like that.

AJ-OAKS said...

It is wonderful that it is so busy there. The more people who come and learn about the donkeys, the more the word gets out that they are incredible animals.
You are doing a great job teaching the people. Hus and pat on the back for ya'! :)