Friday, May 21, 2010

Some new stash!

Well I am telling you, working in the LONG EARS BOUTIQUE has a lot of temptations for me, not that I need all these things, but I do like to have them, and since there are so many cute things I will get the ones I want, after all it is supporting a great cause in the end. So I don't really have a problem with it. I got a new bamboo donkey t-shirt and I just love it. And a pewter tealight with the same donkey on it that I got on my pewter glass, that I got for Christmas from my friend, btw the same friend who gave me the donkey pendant....see my friends are very supportive in my "bad" habits. As it shows for the donkey cross stitch pattern too, if it wasn't for my Stitching Sisters, I would only have half my donkey pattern stash. So thanks a lot! lol...I am thinking of taking this one to the retreat too.

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Sharon said...

That Cross stitch pattern is adorable! I can see it on the back of a denim jacket already! BIG! LOL

What other things do you collect besides donkey items?

Have a great day!