Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Normally I get all excited around this time of the year as I have usually waited all winter for this...starting on the first Sunday or Wednesday, whichever is first in May, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is open to the Public again on these two days until the Thanksgiving Weekend in October. I usually made a point of going the very first chance I would get, and it was always so much fun. This time I am a little bit anxious about it,  for once because that means I am starting my new job, even though I am very excited about it, it comes with anxiety for me and because I know what visiting days are like, and no they are not crazy actually they are very serene and calm but it's just "new people" (lol) and I know I will miss the quietness and peacefulness of being there so much on my own, but it will be great to share my passion with the visitors and actually having a more involved part in the organization, so I am looking forward to that, even though it is anxiety ridden. I still plan to volunteer one day a week to do chores and grooming, and I so want to volunteer on the opening Sundays, so maybe I will do that once a month too, I know I will be there on May 2nd, first for job training and then I will stay to volunteer with the visitors for the rest of the day...woo hoo.......but please just don't let me eat to calm my anxiety until then  lol that's my only real worry right now. Ugh!


Louise said...

We have something in common. First day back at the track is May 1. I can't wait to start taking picture of all of those lovely Thoroughbreds who are ready for new homes.

AJ-OAKS said...

Take a deep breath. Sounds like it is going to be so much fun educating people about donkeys. Think of all the things you can share with newbies!

ME said...

Only one problem I am not a sharing kind of person lol...well sort the beginning at least lol...or something like that.