Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hmmmm talking about food?

Now my mouth is watering, I was just chomping away on a fresh arugula salad with Chicken and roasted pepper and parmesan dressing as I get the request to talk about Bavarian/German fair is that?  lol .And I am thinking omg I would give anything to trade my yummy lunch for anything from  a German restaurant menu. Arugula, what the heck is that? Talk about rabbit food, I guess it's ok if it's mixed with other sorts of lettuces but on it's own....well I can think of better things.....and that is what I am gonna do right now...hmmmmm....just hope thinking about it won't add any extra poundage to my FA lol....I swear it happens when I think about cookies or chocolate. So growing up in Bavaria, there are typical foods that are strictly associated with Bavaria and I am sorry to say there wasn't much that I didn't my body shape can attest to, doesn't mean every German/Bavarian has a FA, but hey shit happens to some of us lol....The main thing that is different to eating there compared to here, is that we have our main meal at lunch time, and dinner usually is just a sandwich, toast or salad. Sunday dinner at our house was usually a pork roast with Sauerkraut and Knoedel ( potato dumplings). One of my favourite was however porkroast with Semmelknoedel( dumplings made with day old buns and bread), and mushrooms. One other thing we are great on are sausages, you will never see a kid  not either hanging on to a Bretze ( pretzle) or a wiener. I remember going to the butcher with my mom as a kid and he would just hand you a wiener to munch on, just because. There are so many different kinds of sausages, from little tiny Bratwuerstels, to big Knackwursts, filled with all kinds of spices and herbs and from different kinds of meat. My personal favourite was the Weisswurst, and sometimes I go to the german grocery store in Hamilton, and buy some, and that's even something my kids like to eat. Weisswurst, is a white sausage with finely minced veal or pork and usually served before lunch time, mostly with sweet mustard, hmmm, and a beer......oh's the other bavarian food group lol....I think we get beer in our baby bottles or so it seems.  I remember even as a youngster drinking Radler, beer mixed with lemon pop. Yummy and a great thirst quencher in the summer on hot days.Wonder how many alcoholics Bavaria actually has?
Here is what a typical Bavarian Menu would look I am really getting hungry!
A Bavarian Lunch:
Kalter Braten : Cold Schweinsbraten (roasted pork) cut in thin slices usually served with bread and horseradish
Wurstsalat Marinated cold sausage cut in thin slices with onion rings
Schweizer Wurstsalat same as above but with cheese
Kartoffelsalat: Salad made from marinated boiled potatoes. It is a common dish in southern part of Germany, but the Bavarians tend to add more vinegar than others.
Obazda: A cheese creme with onions and paprika powder. Served with bread or a pretzel.
Leberknödelsuppe: Typical Bavarian soup with a dumpling from pork liver.
Leberspätzlesuppe: same as above, with many small pieces instead of a dumpling
Maincourses with meat:
Weisswurst: a traditional Bavarian sausage made from very finely minced veal and fresh pork. As it is very perishable, Weisswurst is traditionally manufactured early in the morning and prepared and eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch
Schweinsbraten: the most common dish in upper Bavaria. Pork served in slices with gravy, accompanied by Knödel
Krustenbraten see Schweinsbraten:. They just want to emphasize the great crust you normally get with a Schweinsbraten
Schweinshaxe: Grilled pork joint often served as half or quarter Schweinehaxe.
Rollbraten: Pigs belly rolled up. Served with Kartoffelsalat and Brezels usually. Can be very fat!
Steckerlfisch: Smoked fish, usually mackerel or pike on a stick
Nürnberger Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut: Probably the smallest among all sausages in Bavaria this one become famous all over Germany. Fried sausages served with sauerkraut is a speciality from Nürnberg.
Leberkäse: Looks like bread, but it's meat. Literally translated it's " Liver cheese", but there's no liver and no cheese in it. It has a texture similar to cooked Spam.
Leberkäse is normally served with bread or , Kartoffelsalat  and of course a good mustard.
Without meat:
Kässpatzen made of flour, eggs, salt, water and much Bavarian cheese. You can only get it in the Allgäu, the south of Bavaria.
Kaspatzen Spätzle (eggs, flour, water, salt) with sauerkraut, if you want with bacon.
Apfelkrapfen made of flour, eggs and apples.
Desserts: No translation for these.
Apfelauflauf Apple Fluff
Dampfnudeln mit Vanillesauce
Semmelschmarrn mit Zwetschgenkompott Fast Food Bread
Münchner Apfelstrudel Apple Strudel

First I was gonna put an asterix besides the things I loved to eat, but then I realized it was everything, well maybe except the Obazda, but then I have not ever really tried it either, but talking about all this food makes me want to go back home to Germany just to eat. Hmmmmm yummy! Wonder how many of you would a actually like our foods. Hmmmm maybe I can have a Weisswurst brunch at my house one there is an idea....and of course all of this tastes so much better in a bavarian beergarden. Surprisingly too my kids all enjoyed eating those things too during their visits to Germany. I guess it is somewhat in the blood. lol...


AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my gosh you have made me hungry!!! My daughter said that when she was over there that she rarely saw an overweight person ( other than tourists). She said that people walked, rode bikes, used the train, etc... which is why they all looked so fit and healthy. I am going to just have to try some of the food you mentioned! My daughter tried a lot of the food while she was over there and said is was phenomenal. She also said the bread is amazing. And bread is my weakness! Very much looking forward to hearing more about your life while you were there. :)

ME said...

bread is my weakness too and cheese....and yes the breads are amazing, haven't found anything here that even comes close to it....well I guess your daughter didn't see me lol....