Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Farm Day

Well yesterday was my Tuesday Farm Day, what a beautiful day to go for a drive through the country side and what a beautfiful day it was to spend outside, sure got some sun too and some wind burn, but that's ok. Lots of things going on at the Farm today, the Mules have been all over the place between different paddoncks, so really didn't get to see them today except when I got there. I met Sandra at the yard entrance, Sandra is the owner and operator of the Sanctuary, very lovely older lady, and we walked down to the barn together. The donkeys were mostly out in the paddocks and bottom of the barnyard, since there were diggers on the top part digging a drainage trench and also laying telephone cables. So the donks were a little bit confused but thanks to Worther, the sheep foreman of the crew everything went according to plan, I had to just smile when I saw her beside the kneeling construction workers looking into the ditch with them, and then looking at them like she was saying boys you did a good job. I was there all by myself today, and since Monday are no volunteers there at all, there is a lot of stuff to do, and I pretty much worked the whole time I was there, cleaned the whole barnyard, the barn and the garden paddock and only groomed little Poppy, now my back hurts, because she is a mini and darn they are low to the ground when you do their feet lol. There were a few new ones on the special needs side due to more skin infections, so I finally got to meet Amigo and Trooper. Spice looks still very sore. Gordon, Ed and Dusty have been moved to the Halfway Haven, since it has stalls with special bedding for Donkeys with feet problems, I kind of miss Gordon. I spend a little bit of time with Cocoa at the fence and with Buffy and Augusta in the barnyard. Juno was happy grassing in the office paddock today minding her own business. And little Odin, well he is not little anymore, but he seemed to get on everybody's last nerve today, and was constantly pushed aside by the other donks. Poor little guy.
My sweet Hershey!

Speckle, Buffy, Odin and Panne having a drink!

Bobby and Indiana

Smile Cocoa, this picture is for your mommy!

Not sure who this handsome donkey is, but he was very friendly and cuddly and accompanied me all the way to my truck!

Coco, the goat giving me a piece of his mind.....I am sunbathing can't you see that?


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

glad you had a nice sunny day,,, that darn OOTDS hit me hard.

ME said...

Well it would have hit me too if it wasn't Donkey Day...omg can't wait for summer to be done with work lol.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I lik the Chasing Cars tune. Lov me a sunny day too.

AJ-OAKS said...

Hersey looks almost identical to my Doughnut. Such a pretty girl.
My goodness Odin has grown!
Love all the donkey pics. Who can't love those faces!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
I agree, the mini's sure do play a number on your back!

ME said...

Joanna...I love that tune too, I first heard it at a function at the Donkey Sanctuary when a student volunteer put together an amazing photo slide show about it and had this song as back ground, omg I remember I balled my eyes out, because the whole thing was just so beautiful and touching.....I know I know I am very sensitivie lol.....
Cindy- yes your doughnut is so cute, one of my favourites of yours. As for the minis one forgets how really tiny they are. Sable, one of my favourite and adoptive donkeys has the skinniest little legs I have ever seen, she is just so dainty and sweet.