Monday, January 11, 2010

With a hee haw here and a hee haw there, here a hee, there a haw, ev'rywhere a hee haw

...and there where plenty of those today on the DSC Farm. Wow what a beautiful day, not too bitterly cold, the snow was falling and cuddly donkeys all around me. It was a very quiet day on the farm, actually as quiet as I have ever seen it, it was just the new donkey boy Adam, Cate, the current sort of barn manager, me and 58 donkeys. Well actually there were two more construction guys working on the new tack room. Even though it was a hard work it was so much fun and the rewards of a nosey sidekick joining you, or a big nose nudging you for some attention while you are busy doing things, were just the best. I worked for good 3 1/2 hrs on barn yard chores, and spend the rest of my time there, making new friends, cuddling, petting, grooming and just having fun watching the little antics some of the donkeys pull. Gordon e.g. was busy keeping the construction guy company, checking out all his equipment and finally finding a good spot to scratch his behind on until he knocked the whole wood pile over, but even that didn't seem to fizz him except he had to find a new scratching spot. Danny was playing let the donkey out, let the donkey in, let the donkey out, let the donkey in game all by himself, for good 30 minutes it was so cute to watch. Arizona was making a heck of a racket because he thought it was feeding time, the whole time I was there, I guess he associates Cate being in the barn with food, but he wasn't getting any and he was not happy about this. I made a new friend Buffy, a very shy grey standard donkey, but cute as can be and very affectionate when she gets comfortable.
Well I haltered my first donkeys and well it is not all as easy as it looks, that's for sure, and getting them to where you want them to go is not always a given, if a donkey doesn't want to do something, there ain' t now way of getting him to do it, until he is ready to do it, which is maybe why I like donkeys so much, because I am like that too. A donkey is very careful and needs to trust you first before he is ready to follow your lead. If he feels it's safe and you showed him it's safe then maybe but just maybe he will try it too. Well I definitely showed them yesterday how it was not safe going down the icy hill in their field, as I landed flat on my ass on ice and donkey poop, which wasn't that bad really, since it's all frozen like hockey pucks. But they were watching and hopefully taking notice, well at least they weren't laughing lol.

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