Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a Wednesday!

Yesterday was a whacked day for me, I woke up and everything that has been going on and is still ongoing seemed to have come crashing down on me and had put me on a very downwards spiraling spin, wow haven't had one like that in ages. It was just nothing really mattered and I could see myself really fast loosing ground to have a somewhat normal day, holy crap, where did that come from? I sure wasn't ready for that. After venting to a friend, who was confined to a dentist chair and really had no way of escaping my ranting and raving nor get a word in edgewise I felt a 100 % better immediately. Aaahhh not that venting changes the situation or the circumstances, but sometimes it sure helps to get everything of your chest and just be able to breathe again. From then on the day just got better as it progressed, from my son bringing me home my favourite soup from Williams for lunch, Spicy Thai Chicken soup, omg the best, spending some time chatting with a friend despite their hectic and busy schedule and then to finally having stitching at "my" Community Centre. I was a little nervous about it and hoped everything would work out ok and that it did indeed, actually everybody seemed to be happy with the choice we made as a group to move the on stitching nights to there. Phew! Sure made me feel relaxed, and we sure had a nice, loud and stitchy evening. I brought the moose to stitch on, I hadn't really picked it up since we gathered at Tammy's place, and progress is really slow, I guess just staring at it for hours and wondering how I will ever get it finished, doesn't help the progress much either. Oh well, it will get to the end eventually after all there are only 6 more pages left. :)

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Last night was great and I think we made a good choice. You did a great job helping everyone in and out and I thank you for all of your help in making DSEPCC an easy and comfortable transition for everyone. Be always in stitches.