Thursday, December 03, 2009

What a nice evening!

Well Christmas came early yesterday evening at Henley's Landing. And like every time it was a fun evening. The whole Landing was rearranged to sit 16 of us around the big ole table. We came from near and far, from just down the street to as far away as London, and that was nice to see, since they don't get to join in all the time. We were only missing one, and that was too bad, because she surely was missed. ( hope you are feeling better Brenda). What a nice crowd...looking around the table there were lots of smiles and happy faces, lots of chitter chatter going on all evening long and of course lots of laughter. One thing is for sure there is always lots of laughter and jokes around this table. There was plenty of food, from yummy appetizers to the delicious main course of a variety of salads, chicken wings, lasagna, meatballs to just name a few, and not to forget the abundance of dessert...omg....and the chocolates....hmmmmmm everything was to die for and well you just had to try one of each and my scale sure knows I did. Everything was absolutely amazingly good. We all got a beautiful piece of glass to remember Palace Street by and I think everybody was very touched by that gesture by the hostess. It was really nice.
Then of course one can not forget the ornament exchange and the cards. What beautiful cards, all as unique as the person who wrote it...( couldn't resist on giving some donkey Christmas cards to some, lol). The ornaments and Christmas pictures were absolutely stunning and beautiful. And it shows of the talent of every single one of them. Well this was my second Crosstitch Christmas party and I still have to receive a crosstitched ornament. lol....oh I am not complaining here, just an observation, because I absolutely love my knitted ornament, and I sure got a giggle out of that one, and so did the person who made it, since I got her ornament last year now I have a pair of matching mittens and hat to go with my little woolen socks. And they are so adorable and I just love them and they amaze me every time I look at them, because you could actually put your finger in the thumbs if your hands were that small.....soooooo cute.! It was a really a great evening and hats of to you again Jane for pulling it all of and making it so perfect....Gotta love Christmas at the Landing! Merry Christmas to all my Stitching sisters.

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Wow, Thanks for all of your help in preperation and we'll have a toast of Chamborge later on to celebrate that we pulled it off. lol. What a blast eh...
Be always in stitches.