Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heaven on Earth and other thoughts about the day!

Wednesday was an absolute dreamy day, almost felt like Heaven on Earth, the sky, the clouds, the sand, it was absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. Funny how stuff feels so different at different times of the year, if it would have been midsummer, the feeling would have been completely different, as would have been the scents, the sounds and the atmosphere. But Wednesday, was just that ...Heaven on Earth....not a single soul out to disturb you, still being able to feel the strength of the sun as it hits your body, feeling the cool breeze of the water hit you at the same time, watching the water rolling towards you, the lines in the sand from wind blowing across the beach, clouds moving swiftly across the sky, picking up the odd sea shell to tuck into a coat pocket as a gentle reminder of the time spent, the sparkle of the water being hit by the sun, standing there just taking it all in, the warmth, the sounds, the feeling of home. What a nice way to spend some hours in the middle of November, who would have ever thought that. Not me, for sure. But there I was in the middle of an empty beach, just breathing in air and happiness. WOW! After a couple of hours it was time to turn the wheels back towards Brantford and of to the next venture of the day.
The following hours were spent in traffic jams and listening to a bitchy driver rant and rave about the idiot drivers on the road, oh well, in one ear and out the other and I am not letting others bad mood change my mood and the thoughts and feelings I have, so I grinned and bared it and made it thru the long drive up North. The show was absolutely amazing and I just laughed and laughed, there was nothing different about him and his act considering his recent health issues, but he even made fun of those, and yes he was funny and like always all over the place. What a great evening with my second favourite guy! Another great night with ROBIN WILLIAMS!

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