Saturday, September 12, 2009

You should never ask a question....

...if you are not ready to hear the answer....and I sure wasn't prepared for this one. Gee...give me a break I asked my little nephew the innocent question of what his favourite wild animal was, with the intention of maybe stitching him a picture for Christmas, didn't really stipulate what Christmas either. So stupid me was anticipating the answer to be maybe tiger, bear, lion or elephant or anything else that would be halfway normal, lol, but no, he had to be difficult and his answer was "an Anteater", what the heck is an anteater lol, I mean I know what it is, but how can that be your favourite wild animal and where in the world would I ever find a crosstitch pattern for that....oh well I guess that idea is out the window and please don't think you need to surf the Internet to find me one, thank you but no thank you I think I can live without stitching an anteater, well maybe I should finish his Spongebob for his 20th birthday lol.....not.

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