Monday, September 14, 2009

My other Stash

*** Well as much as I hate to drink alone, I finally broke into my other kind of stash, the liquid kind. As of lately we have been drinking a lot of the FUZE Healthy fruit juices, of course I must like the ones with the most calories the best, but they are all good, but my all time favourite is called Banana Colada. Mmmm the name alone is intriguing and reminds me of another favourite drink of mine, so yesterday I had the bright idea of adding some Malibu Rum to the FUZE, and damn that's what I call a good healthy drink...probably not what they had in mind for it, but it sure worked for me and yes it was amazingly good. I just have to remember that I can't have a sip here and there throughout the day this way and it's limited to just before bedtime.Hmmmm....could get used to that one.....( hey PIC, do you think we can take this one to work as health concious workers?)

*** The no brainer and 24 hrs crosstitch picture, ended up being a week long project but is now finished and ready to be turned into whatever I am turning it into, (psst can't say what it is on here) and then it is just a matter of finiding the right present to go with it. And as my little brain seems to tend to do a lot, it wonders from one project to another and yet it can't make up it's mind what it will do next, I should finish something that I started, but there is just something about starting something completely new. Well we will see, I will continue to work a little bit on the Birdwatching picture, for now at least.

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